4 April 2015
An examination of the basics of good nutrition and its health benefits.

A definition of nutrition is provided and an examination of the factors which influence healthy eating and good nutrition. The paper also looks at the different food elements and their nutritional values. The health benefits of good nutrition is also examined – physical and mental health. Long term health effects are also mentioned relating to one’s diet and physical exercise routine. I. INTRODUCTION
A. What is Nutrition?
B. Good Nutrition
C. Important Food Elements

Nutrition Essay Example

A. Benefits of Good Nutrition
B. Nutrition for a Healthy Body
C. Nutrition for a Healthy Mind
D. Nutrition for the Future


The most basic definition of nutrition is the science of how food nourishes the body. (Null) Still, nutrition is a very broad and complex subject. The food we eat must go through many changes before our bodies can use it for nutrition. Nutrition includes the physical act of eating, digesting and absorbing nutrients.

Nutrition is the process that living things take in food and use it. Plants can be nourished by air, water and sunshine. But human beings have much more complicated needs. Our nutrition may be good or poor, depending on the food we eat.”

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