8 August 2019

In the spring of 2000, MTV and Lou Pearlman (creator ofthe Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC) set out to create yet another boy band. Only thistime, instead of bringing them into the public eye out of nowhere, they wouldshow their lives before they became famous. The show was called “Making theBand,” and it was an instant hit.

The band called themselves O-Town,after Orlando, Florida. Soon O-Town was making appearances on TRL, on which their”Liquid” video premiered. Their album debuted at #21 on the BillboardHot 100 and their video was a success. It may well be thought that they wereaccepted into the already over-populated music world because of the show and nottheir music.

O-Town’s songs range from overemphasizing sex and physicalappearance to unrealistic romance. In “Liquid,” the guys name everycharacteristic they want in a woman. Here is where the obsession with physicalappearance comes into play; they describe their dream woman as a “dominatrixsupermodel beauty queen.

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” The song “The Sexiest Woman Alive” needsno explanation. Lines like “I like the way we touch in the night” and”You know you got a lot in your Calvin Jeans” are repulsive.

Suddenly, though, they decide to change their outlook toward women and in”Sensitive” explain how deep they are: “See I’ve given youeverything that’s inside … What can I say, girl, I’m sensitive.” It seemsthis band has a split personality when it comes to choosing material.

Obviously O-Town is targeting teens, as do the other boy bands, but ifthey are going to keep their sex-obsessed image, they should target an olderaudience.

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