Obesity and Race

6 June 2016

Stereotyping is very common among us; every individual is said to fit some sort of stereotype. People tend to judge all the time and even if we hate to admit it or not every single one of us has done it. We categorize people everyday according to race, religion, ethnic background, gender, looks etc. Often times people label and categorize others without getting to know the person first, and without considering their feelings or negative consequences the person might have due to the judgment of others. Overweight people are repeatedly misjudged because of their weight. It is said that anyone who is overweight has brought it upon him/herself by eating too much and not exercising.

Overweight people are thought to be lazy people that just sit around and not exercise, but many of them exercise much more regularly than a thin person does. Many times they are not taken as serious as a thin person does when it comes to jobs because people believe that they wont be as active. But the fact is that overweight people work as hard or even harder than any other person does.

Obesity and Race Essay Example

While eating does play a part and many do have a problem with that, there are many other factors that contribute to a person’s increasing weight. Which can be caused by health problems that do not allow the person to loose the weight they

would like. A cousin of mine has suffered with overweight her whole life and as much as she would love to loose the weight she has an unknown disorder that does not let her loose the weight. Many overweight people aren’t that way by choice and wish they could be a couple pounds lighter, but some people just don’t understand that.

Often times they cant take society’s negativity and have a tendency of giving up. And in more strenuous occasions things get so difficult that they consider the thought or the act of suicide. All because they cannot take other people’s constant negative judgment towards them.

Stereotyping seems to be a natural function of people, but it does not allow for individual differences. Everybody should be given an opportunity; people shouldn’t be judged or categorized by stereotypes. Many times not being true about them, which is the reason why it is so hurtful to them. You may never know what your negative thoughts might have on that person.

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