Obie Trice “Second Round’s On Me”

10 October 2019

Obie Trice was brought up like many rappers: in the ghetto of an industrial city, in his case, Detroit. His hard-knock life taught him at an early age that determination and hard work could lift him from his struggles.

Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, inspired Trice with his success in the underground scene of Detroit. Trice’s own career skyrocketed after an introduction to the Detroit rap legend; Eminem was so impressed by Trice’s sampler (as well as his work ethic) that he signed him on the spot.

Three years later, Obie released his first album, “Cheers,” which received universal praise. Trice just released his second album, “Second Round’s On Me,” which clearly demonstrates his talents at the microphone.

Obie Trice has a presence and style all his own, plain and simple. Nobody with rap music experience could mistake him for any other rapper. His incomparable voice has the ability to take center stage, but not overshadow the music. He can also blend with the music for a good boost. Obie Trice proves that not all rap sounds the same.

Since 2003, Obie has matured as a lyricist and in production. As a child, Trice wanted to connect with his icons. As a rapper, his goal is to connect with his listeners. He achieves this through unparalleled lyrics and song structure. His great flow and rhythm complement the beats of Eminem and other producers.

This album can make anyone feel all types of emotions. For example, “Lay Down” is a song designed to amp up the listener as Obie displays his skills and rhymes. The chorus contrasts Obie’s quickness with a slower, power-punched feature that can bring anyone’s heart rate up.

Trice brings down the curtain on his sophomore album with the heartfelt “Obie Story.” The tone goes from upbeat to depressed and then ends with an optimistic feeling. What makes this song incredible is how its mood changes as the lyrics and beats change, showing how the music can affect a listener’s perception of meaning just as easily as lyrics can.

Obie Trice was determined to avoid the curse of the sophomore slump and has succeeded in style. “Second Round’s On Me” shows all the fine qualities that Trice possesses in the rap business. If you enjoyed “Cheers,” then you are bound to love this album. Even if you have never heard his work, you should give this album a listen – it is truly phenomenal.

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