Objectives and Importance of HRM

6 June 2016

Scott, Clothier and Spriegal posits that organization objectives of Human Resource Management is to identify and sustain high level of employees development, as well as a desirable working relationships between employers and employees and employers and employees, and to affect the moulding of human resources as contrasted with physical resources.

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Objectives and Importance of HRM
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In recognition of the organizational goals the primary objective of human resource management is to contribute towards it through making strides to meet these goals. Nevertheless, the precise objectives of human resource management are to guarantee human resources in the organization are effectively utilized and all other organisational resources ought to be efficiently utilised by the human resources.

Another objective of human resource management is to establish and maintain an adequate organisational structure of relationship among all the members of an organisation by dividing of organisation tasks into functions, positions and jobs, and by defining clearly the responsibility, accountability, authority for each job and its relation with other jobs in the organisation. Human resource management ought to generate maximum development of human resources within the organisation by offering opportunities for advancement to employees through training and education.

To ensure respect for human beings by providing various services and welfare facilities to the staff is also an objective of human resource management, as well as to ensure understanding of individual or group goals with those of the organisation in such a manner that the employee feels a sense of commitment and loyalty towards it. It also is objected to identify and satisfy the needs of individuals by offering various monetary and non-monetary rewards. Human resource management undertakes numerous activities in order to achieve the above objectives such as human resource planning, recruitment, selection and placement of workers, training and development of employees for their efficient performance and growth, appraisal of performance of employees and taking corrective steps such as transfer from one job to another, motivation of workforce by providing financial incentives and avenues of promotion and remuneration of employees. The employees must be given sufficient wages and fringe benefits to achieve higher standard of living and to motivate them to show higher productivity as well as social security and welfare of employees.

Human Resource Management has a place of great importance in the organization. Peter F. Drucker posits that the proper or improper use of the different factors of production depend on the wishes of the human resources. Hence, besides other resources human resources need more development.

Human resources can increase cooperation but it needs proper and efficient management to guide it. Importance of staff management is in reality the importance of labour functions of personnel department which are indispensable to the management activity itself.

Because of the following reasons human resource management holds a place of importance, some of which is that it helps management in the preparation adoption and continuing evolution of personnel programmes and policies. It supplies skilled workers through scientific selection process, as well as ensures maximum benefit out of the expenditure on training and development and appreciates the human assets. Human resource management prepares workers according to the changing needs of industry and environment. It motivates workers and upgrades them so as to enable them to accomplish the organisation goals. Through innovation and experimentation in the fields of personnel, it helps in reducing casts and helps in increasing productivity. It contributes a lot in restoring the industrial harmony and healthy employer-employee relations. It establishes mechanism for the administration of personnel services that are delegated to the personnel department.

Thus, the role of human resource management is very important in an organisation and it should not be undermined especially in large scale enterprises. It is the key to the whole organisation and related to all other activities of the management that is marketing, production, finance.

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