11 November 2018

Obsession, denotatively described as the domination of ones thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire. Now we all have this controlling factor in our life, and the worst part… it never goes away. Life is built upon and thrived around obsession. From when a five year old boy is obsessed with his favorite toy, to the young, deviated teenager smoking his first cigarette. From the college-bound student, craving sex, grades, and success; to the mid life man who is searching for life’s purpose. The life of every individual is surrounded by obsession over something. My obsession, however, is the most ironic of them all. You see, I study people, picking out their habits, exposing them, finding out who they really are. I know an obsession when I see it, and it has seemed to captivate and modernize the world as we see it today.

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