11 November 2016

The Hunger Games has become a major obsession of mine, and no the title has nothing to do with food. Reading and anticipating The Hunger Games trilogy and its upcoming movie is, during which my grandmother was sick, something I clung too. You see I have never been a major fan of anything. I mean Taylor Swift is an idol of mine but I’m not running to the nearest store to buy her CDs or items. But this fan base love for the book and movie almost drove my family insane. After reading and discovering the movie was soon to be released, I went days and days going on and on sharing my excitement with my parents.

I joined fan sites, news updates, watched YouTube trailers, and fan based trailers to increase my devotion and anticipation. It wasn’t until the release of the Hunger Games based movie merchandise that my obsession grew to an (what I hate to admit) extreme. I saved my babysitting money up until the day it came out and spent a total of sixty-eight dollars on a t-shirt, a necklace, a pair of earrings, and nail polish; all from the hunger games line. Furious with my reckless shopping spree my parents were fed up with my addiction to the Hunger Games.

Obsession Essay Example

They said going to the midnight premier was out of the question. I would just have to deal with the Sunday of the weekend it comes out. Frustrated, disappointed, and defeated, I tried to settle the intensity of my fandom. But as time flew by and the closer the release of the movie came, something occurred that brought my passion to flight. One day while I was bouncing from room to room doing my chores a tune popped into my head. Its catchy soothing melody made me begin to hum along. Suddenly I was adding words.

The next I was adding meaning, until finally I realized, stopping myself, I had made a song. Full of excitement I rushed to the nearest pencil, paper, and recorder and started drafting this new achievement. I was so thrilled of the idea of showing my parents until I thought, oh crap “it’s based on the hunger games. ” In my attempt to conceal my obsession I made a song! Scared of defying my parent’s wishes I decided to hide my song until the melody developed further. Hopefully there would be some way to bring this up.

The following day, my voice teacher came over for my weekly lesson. Secretly telling my (equally a fan as I am) teacher about the song she helped me expand my vision by helping me get some note down by playing the piano. We worked on until the end of my lesson and with the rough draft of the sound somewhat perfect we recorded it on my conveniently useful phone. As soon as she left I summoned all my courage and gathered my family into the room. Quickly saying the gist of my song I placed the phone on the table and played it aloud for them to hear.

As soon as the music ended the room was sickly silent. My parents stared blankly off in deep through processing the music I had created. Finally my dad (the one who was most annoyed with my obsession) spoke first. “So, you must really love the Hunger Games, (the words seemed foreign in his mouth as he spoke) in order to make a song that pretty. ” He smiled and gave me a soft golf clap. My mom smirked and added “well done sweetie. ” My heart swelled with appreciation as I thanked them both. I guess there are two sides to being obsess-well I should say passionate about something.

The first part is the annoying part. Something exciting for you might not be as thrilling for someone else. This can lead to others being annoyed with you. And although this can be a huge set back there is second side. This is called inspiration. With a love and dedication about something, sometimes your imagination can go wild. This art and love for an object whether it be real, not real, it matters how you express your passion and bring it passed the annoying part and into the less annoying part.

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