Obstacles in Education

6 June 2017

Obstacles of my education During my first college experience, at eighteen years old, I truly believed I had too many things taking time away from schoolwork. After all, I was busy with a healthy social life, a 15 hour a week Job driving the beverage cart at a golf course, and a boyfriend who lived an hour away. It has been fifteen years since that naive undergrad first entered college. The social life has become play dates, the 15 hour a week part time Job has turned into a full time “grown up ” Job, and that boyfriend has been my husband for eleven years.

As an adult learner, there are obviously several obstacles to completing my education. The most important of these are my home, husband, and children. One of the obstacles in my education is my responsibility to my house. My husband and I both work full time Jobs in order to pay all of our household expenses. Time must be made to budget for and pay all of the monthly bills and miscellaneous expenses. Since time always seems to be at a shortage, I often use my lunch hour to complete grocery shopping in order to feed my family and stock our house.

Obstacles in Education Essay Example

Along with the cost of living as a family of five, there is also the added stress of keeping a house running smoothly and with some bit of structure and organization. My husband, Brian, is another of the obstacles I face. While he tries to be supportive, I know it is difficult for him to pick up the slack on weekends or at night when I am trying to complete assignments. My husband also likes to spend his weekends going to the New Orleans Saints games or hunting and that leaves me to care for all three children while attempting coursework.

Brian is a great father, but the baby tends to always want me and it is trying on both of us, and our relationship. An occasional date night definitely helps us relax and reconnect as a team, but also takes away from my studies. The most important and time consuming obstacle I face is obviously my children. They are eight, three, and two months. Each of the children has his own set of needs and the older children have their own activities. With the baby, since she is breastfed, I am the only person who can feed her.

This presents a problem since I can’t be too far away for very long and have to wake up every night to nurse her. Since her birth, I am exhausted from lack of sleep, and find it very difficult to focus. My son is three, and is still adjusting to his new sister; he needs extra “mommy time” to help him through the changes. My eight year old daughter attends a private school which requires a lot of parental involvement. There always seems to be some weeknight meeting or weekend event to attend, on top of piano, gymnastics, nd the busy social life of an eight year old.

While my children are my most time consuming obstacle, they are also my biggest motivation. They motivate me every day to complete this program to make them proud and show them what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. When I walk across that stage at graduation, I know my family will be there cheering me on. I also hope that watching me complete this at this stage in my life shows them that anything is possible with the love and support of your family. Obstacles in Education By maddiel 30

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