Occupational Safety and Health

8 August 2016

Self – My main health and safety responsibilities are: monitor the workplace practices such as care activities, care procedures, the Use of care materials and equipment. Minimise any risk of danger and possibility of injury and harm to service users, others and Myself… Report and record any health and safety concerns. Attend training.

Employer/Manager – The main health and safety responsibilities are: make sure every member of staff is aware of his/her Responsibilities with regard to Health and Safety Policy, ensure that there are safe working methods and equipment in place to Avoid injury, damage and wastage… Assess and minimise risks, provide health and safety training, information and supervision, Provide welfare and first aid facilities and provide protective clothing and equipment free of charge.

Occupational Safety and Health Essay Example

Others – All staff and visitors to the care home such as service users, relatives, doctors, nurses and agency workers must follow all Health and Safety procedures…follow instructions for use of equipment and report any health and safety concerns. (1. 4) Any tasks that are hazardous for health and safety shouldn’t be done without special training.

Hazards associated with equipment – Using hoists and slings, waste disposal, cleaning and chemical substances; hazards associated with people – moving and handling Procedures, cooking and given medicines Outcome 2 (2:1) Legislation that relates to health and safety includes, amongst others, the Health and Safety at work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1998.

The general roles and responsibilities of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with my organisation for colleagues include: * Having a personal and collective responsibility to promote safe working practices and maintain a healthy, safe and secure workplace * Having a responsibility to ensure that they have an awareness of and comply with the organisations health and safety policy * Having an awareness of health and safety risks they face and the actions they should take to mitigate those risks.

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