Odysseus: A Good Leader Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Odysseus is a good leader because he ever faces obstructions caput on. Odysseus went to war in Troy. After many old ages the war is over and Odysseus starts his journey place. In “The Odyssey” . Odysseus begins his journey place facing nature. monsters. and Gods. With his accomplishments in all ways of postulating. Odysseus survived the journey place and returned to Ithaca. In the undermentioned essay I will state you why Odysseus is a good leader and the traits that makes him so. Those traits are his cautiousness. inventiveness. and his bravery.

One of the traits that makes Odysseus a good leader is his cautiousness. Without his cautiousness he and his work forces would hold died right off. An illustration of this is when he entered Polyphemus’s cave. [ “Why non take these cheeses. acquire them stowed. come back. throw unfastened all the pens. and do a tally for it? We’ll drive the childs and lambs aboard.

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We say put out once more on good salt H2O! Ah. how sound that was! Yet I refused. I wished to see the cave man. what he had to offer no pretty sight. it turned out. for my friends. ” { 900 } ] Another illustration of this is when they approached the Sirens. Odysseus ordered his work forces to set beeswax in their ears so they won’t crash the ship. The last and best illustration might be when he got home to Ithaca. He didn’t first-come-first-serve place right off. but stayed back and idea of program. If he would hold rushed place he would hold been killed by the suers. Without his cautiousness. Odysseus and his crew would hold been pressed into more unsafe state of affairss and died. Odysseus is really cautious and he would non hold proceeded without a program.

The 2nd traits that makes Odysseus a good leader is his inventiveness. Odysseus inventiveness got him and his crew out of gluey state of affairss. One illustration is when he told Polyphemus his name was Nohbdy. ( “Cyclops. you ask my honest name? Remember the gift you promised me and I shall state you. My name is Nohbdy ; female parent. male parent. and friends. everyone call me Nohbdy. Pg. 904 Line 358-361 ) . This was really cagey of him. When Odysseus and his work forces stabbed Polyphemus in the oculus. the Cyclops called out to his brothers stating them “Nohbdy” stabbed him in the oculus. Thinking this was a gag. his brothers didn’t come to assist him.

If Odysseus would hold used his name. Polyphemus brothers would hold finished off Odysseus. his crew. and his hopes of returning place. Another illustration is when Odysseus had to contend the goddess Circe in order to turn his work forces back to worlds. On the manner. the god Hermes gave Odysseus a charming works called a moly to assist protect him from Circe’s enchantment. Circe was caught off guard when she noticed her enchantment had no consequence on him. Odysseus got Circe to turn his work forces back to worlds by holding sexual intercourse with her. Being clever is a trait that any good leader should hold because it’s sometimes unpredictable.

Last but non least. Odysseus best trait that makes him such a effectual leader is his bravery. No affair what obstacle Odysseus had to face. he faced it caput on. He stood up against monsters. Gods. and even Mother Nature. He fought the goddess Circe when she turned his work forces into swines. ( “Without a word. I drew my sharpened blade and in one edge held it against her pharynx { 920 } ) The best illustration might hold been when he stood his land against the suers who tried to get married his Penelope and take his throne. ( “Not for the whole hoarded wealth of your male parents. all you enjoy. lands. flocks. or any gold put up by others. would I keep my manus. There will be killing till the mark is paid. You forced yourselves upon this house. Fight your out. or run for it. if you think you’ll flight decease. I doubt one adult male of you teguments by. Pg. 943 Line 1281-1287 ) Without Odysseus ‘s bravery he would non hold survived his unreliable journey place.

In decision. Odysseus fought and outsmarted his manner place. He was cautious. clever. and fearless. If Odysseus wasn’t such a good leader and didn’t have those traits. he would non hold reached his place. Ithaca.

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