6 June 2017

The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem about the hero, Odysseus. Odysseus throughout the epic longs to go home and be back with his family. He Journeys throughout the epic and encounters many things and people. Why does Homer make Odysseus the epic hero? What makes him the hero? Why was it not any other man with a normal name? Odysseus is the epic hero because he is strong and cunning, he encounters struggles, and he has perseverance. Odysseus is the epic hero because of his strength and cunningness.

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When Odysseus and some of his crewmen are rapped by the Cyclops, Odysseus gives the Cyclops wine which made the Cyclops drunk and fell asleep. With this chance the remaining men and Odysseus drove the pike into the eye of the Cyclops’ eye and it made the Cyclops blind and he had to move the stone of boulder from the entrance of the cave. The men and Odysseus escape from the island. Odysseus enhances his strength and cunningness to fght and continue on his Journey. Odysseus has made a bow that only his strength could string and shoot from the bow, that Penelope uses to choose the suitor who she will arry after twenty years.

Odysseus has this strength and cunningness that allows him to outwit his opponents. The hero in the Odyssey encounters struggles in his journey. Throughout the epic poem, Odysseus has encountered scuffles in his journey. Odysseus went through the struggle of losing his men, which he cared for deeply. He battles to pass the Sirens yelling for his crew to untie him but they did not listen to Odysseus. Odysseus tries to persuade his men to bypass Thrinacia but they insist on landing. The crew disobeys Helios and feasted on Helios’ castle, so Zeus killed Odysseus’ crew and Odysseus survived alone.

He drifts to Calypsos island and stays there for seven years. Struggles characterize a hero. Odysseus fghts back the urges to hug his son and reveal when he returned. For example, “Homer says, Think of a man whose dear and only son, born to him in exile, reared with labor, has lived ten years abroad and now returns: how would that man embrace his son! ” Even how much many Odysseus might have not wanted to encounter struggles, he must. To ontinue on the Journey, despite the struggles, makes Odysseus has this sense of dedication.

Perseverance is a characteristic that heroes have. Odysseus continues on his Journey even though Calypso gave him a warning of all the trials along his journey. Losing his men in the war and Journey home have hurt him but he never lost sight of his goal to finally reach his home. Odysseus, even after twenty years, continues to look forward. He might have stumbled and fell but Odysseus got up, dusted himself off and continued walking. After being held in Calypsos island for nother seven year, Odysseus still waits and longs for his home.

Perseverance conveys time and patience; it is amplifies a hero. The Odyssey by Homer has made an epic poem of an amazing epic hero. Odysseus has never lost sight of reaching home. After all, home has open arms outstretched, ready for the homecoming. A hero does not always have a happy ending or have an ending at all, the Journey Just continues. Odysseus has succeeded after being held captive for years, his men dying, the test from Penelope and after Journeying for twenty years. Odysseus is the epic

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