Oedipus and Creon Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The drama opens up with Antigone seeking to convert her sister Ismene to be on her side with the entombment of their brother. and while Ismene outputs to what sort Creon wants. Antigone’s pride keeps her head set on desiring what she wants best for her brother. “ But I will bury him ; and if I must decease. I say that this offense is holy: I shall lie down with him in decease. and I shall be as beloved to him as he is to me. ” ( Sophocles. 55 ) .

Obviously Antigone makes it clear that she has made her pick and bases by it which isn’t needfully a bad sense of pride. When Antigone and her sister and condemned to decease for seeking to give burial rights to their brother. Creon has them arrested and sentences them to decease. Creon’s chesty pride won’ even demo clemency to Antigone and her sister. even though they are related to Creon. { lines 1005-1035 }

Creon is non even supposed to be king. He killed his brother who was foremost in line to win the thrown. but Creon wanted that power for himself so he killed his brother. His chesty pride will halt at nil in order to obtain power and the authorization he so urgently wants to govern by. { there is no exact topographic point in the drama. its portion of the expounding of the Three Theban Plays }

When Creon contradicts Tiresias. who was believed to be one of the smartest work forces of his clip. he insists that he himself is right in his justification and Tiresias is incorrect–although he is one of the smartest work forces in Greece. Creon’s chesty pride dismisses even the wisest of advice. as he falsely believes he ain logical thinking is greater. [ 998-1170 } Creon:

1. “You delay and see! The toughest will is foremost to Interrupt: like difficult and unhardened steel. which snaps and trembles at a touch. when hot from off the forge. ” This shows Creon’s pride and self-love. He will non hold anyone regulation him. particularly a adult female. He believes that even the toughest will. like that of Antigone. can be broken. 6. “No adult male alive is free/ From error” ( lines 1023-24 ) . Teiresias. the prophesier. warns Creon that he is doing a error. Creon in his pride does non believe him at foremost. When people take pride in a bad sense. merely like Creon in Antigone. affairs can acquire worse…

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