Of Idiocy and Wisdom

4 April 2015
A discussion on Plato’s philosophical theory of wisdom.

This paper discusses Plato’s philosophical theory of wisdom and its distinction from ignorance. The author bases his analysis on dialogues from the trial of Socrates and Plato’s Meno.
Thus the madness is done and the tea party over. What is most important to recognize here is the paradox of goals. We are to seek wisdom so that we might live the good life yet wisdom we will never have so long as we live. So we are to seek ignorance, so that we will recognize our inherent and inescapable lack of wisdom, and in so doing become wise by remembering the forgotten truths that lie beyond our training. One is very much reminded of the old saying, that to keep ones life, it is often necessary to lose it. In liberating ourselves from what we think we have learned and realizing that we know nothing, we have the chance of remembering what we knew before we were born, though never to the degree that we did then until at last we die.

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