Sample Essay Outlines Suggested Essay Topics Analysis Critical Context Critical Evaluation Critical Overview Essays and Criticism Dreams and Reality in Of Mice and Men print PDF Cite John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men Is a powerful and vivid depiction of life in rural America. It recounts the tragic story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two lonely itinerant farm workers who belonged nowhere and to no one but themselves.

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George has accepted the burden of protecting the mentally Incompetent but uncommonly strong Lennie from the thefts and tricks of both ranch bosses and other hands, but, n so doing, George has considerably reduced the possibilities of his own successful attainment of Independence and peace. In order to placate his childishly effusive companion, George has invented a fantasy in which both of them operate their own farm and Lennie, in particular, is in charge of the rabbits.

It is a vision which Immediately quiets any of the good-natured giant’s anxieties, as well as bringing a comforting repose to the otherwise realistic and rather cynical George. When the two friends arrive at the latest farmhouse, Lennie promises faithfully to obey his ompanion and be good. A somewhat skeptical George arranges Jobs for both of them, and the fate of these two friends of the road is sealed. Curley, a sadistic paranoid, takes an immediate dislike to Lennie simple because of his strength.

After his massive strength, the brutish innocent breaks the bones of Curleys hand before his co-workers can pull him away from the unwitting victim. From this moment on, Curley plans full revenge. The opportunity tragically presents itself in the guise of Curleys own wife, a rather coarse but pathetically lonely creature who frequently ttempts to attract advances from hired hands to relieve the tedium of her life on the ranch. Driven away from the bunkhouse in which the men have their quarters by her jealous husband, the young woman waits until all but Lennie have left the ranch, and then proceeds to engage him in conversation.

So preoccupied with her own misery is the girl that she does not realize

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her companion’s potential danger. Enthusiastically recalling an opportunity she once had to appear in Hollywood films, she invites Lennie to feel the soft texture of her hair. At first reticent, the fellow is soon ersuaded by the friendly insistence of the girl. Suddenly she is locked in his uncomprehending grasp; moments later, her dead body slumps to the floor of the bunkhouse. When George and… (The entire section is 1382 words. Subscribe to Read More В» Of Mice and Men: George and Lennie The relationship between the intelligent but weak George Milton and the retarded but strong Lennie Small is the focal point of Steinbeck’s novella, and a surface reading strongly suggests that “friendship” or “personal commitment” is one of this work’s salient themes. As the half-witted Lennie dutifully intones, the two men are distinguished from all of the other characters in the story “because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why. (p. 1 5). The initial interview by the ranch boss underscores the unusual quality of this bond, and the jerkline skinner Slim later echoes his employer’s bewilderment when he says to George, “‘Funny how you an’ him string along together. ‘” (p. 43). George confides that he and Lennie are not, in fact, cousins, but we learn that they have known each other ince grammar school. They are linked together by a shared past, by a dream of the future, and by current circumstances. All of this implies a substratum of mutual affection.

Yet theirs is a symbiotic relationship. The two men are forced together by common necessity rather than genuine emotional attachment. Lennie, of course, depends entirely upon his long-time comrade, and the very thought of George abandoning him sends the childlike giant into a state of panic. It is evident from the start that Lennie could not possibly function in the harsh world that they inhabit ithout George, who holds his companion’s work card and always does the talking for him.

The stable buck Crooks is unsparingly accurate in his assessment that without George’s continual guidance, Lennie would wind up chained like a dog in an institution for the feeble-minded. Lennie wears the same clothes as George and even imitates his gestures. The extent of Lennie’s psychological integration with the George is acutely apparent in the novel’s concluding chapter when the giant rabbit of his stricken conscience mouths George’s words in Lennie’s own voice. By the same oken, Just as Lennie needs mice and pups and rabbits to take care of, George needs Lennie to tend.

As George discloses to Slim, the incident that sealed the bond rushing Sacramento River and was then forced to save the huge man from drowning. Lennie furnishes George with an object for his own lower-case ennoblement. George also uses Lennie as an excuse for the menial hardships that he must endure. He… (The entire section is 1697 words. ) Themes and Concerns of Social Realism in Of Mice and Men A Teachable Good Book: Of Mice and Men Motif and Pattern in Of Mice and Men Sources eNotes. om is a resource used daily by thousands of students, teachers, professors and researchers.

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