Of Mice and Men Agumentative

5 May 2017

The ending of the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is very thought provoking and is very controversial, and it also raises many questions like “Did Lennie really deserve to die at the hands of his only friend? “, “Why didn’t George give Lennie up to the authorities to prolong his life? “, “What would have happened if Curley and Carlson found Lennie before George did? ” Audiences remain split in George’s decision to kill Lennie.

On one hand, there are those that support Georges decision nd they say that Curley and/or Carlson would have killed Lennie, making him suffer, so it was right on Georges part, and he did not want to see Lennie his only friend suffer so he took the liberty of doing it himself ensuring that Lennie does not die in vain. Like when he told Lennie to look off in the distance and told him to imagine what their future farm would look like, and he told Lennie that he could tend the rabbits “Which were his primary concern throughout the entire story’, so truly George anted to spare Lennie the pain so he made sure Lennie died with happy thoughts.

Of Mice and Men Agumentative Essay Example

It is evident that if Lennie had escaped he would’ve died anyways. This is mainly because it is obvious that good hearted Lennie was a danger to himself and others, even if he did not intend to hurt anyone. Earlier in the novel he says (Steinbeck pg. 12) “Well, I could. I could go off in the hills there. Some place I’d find a cave. ” then George says (Steinbeck pg 12) “Yeah? How’d you eat. You ain’t got sense enough to find nothing to eat. this argument proves that Lennie cannot sustain life without the aid of other people like George because of his mental issue.

Although he was a gentle man, Lennie had previously killed mice, broke Curleys hand, killed a puppy all before he broke Curleys wife’s neck. Earlier in the novel Carlson states “That it is time to kill a dog when it does no good for itself, and the owner should be the one to do it”. Although that is offensive to Lennie, George certainly had that in mind because like Carlson, George gave Lennie a painless death like Carlson did to Candy’s dog.

Of course some might think that what George did to Lennie is pure cold-blooded murder, perhaps because he did not want to deal with the guilt by association. He had the option of helping Lenny escape or at least get him to the proper authorities, where a Jury could obviously declare him mentally deficient. That would have spared his life. But the questions are still the same; did he do it as a mercy to his traveling companion? Or did he do it to protect himself?

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