Of Mice and Men-Curly’s Wife Diary Entry

12 December 2016

This week has been so busy that I ‘aven’t been able to write. I suppose life is alrite over ‘ere but it gets kinda lonely. Curley’s borin’ and jus’ sits on his ass all day and all the guys are jus’ crazy bastards. They don’t talk to me, turn there noses down at me they do. Think I’m a tart just ‘cause I’m pretty and I’m a gal’, the only one on the god damn ranch! I’m the only one ‘ere who knows how to have fun. I met Curley when I was about sixteen. I had run away a year before and I had found a lil’ place for me to live but I didn’t have no money.

I met him at riverside palace after the party, we’d been drinkin’ gallons of whisky and I thought that Curley seemed like a nice kinda fella and he also had cash, which I needed. We married a few months later. I don’t think I made the rite decision marryin’ ‘im. He don’t love me, he just wants to show off his girl to everyone, I’m like his trophy wife. Most of the guys on the ranch don’t really care but if some guy looks at me, he jus’ gets all protective. When all those men are together they just think the worst of me. They avoid me and think I’m jailbait, but I ain’t jailbait am I?

Of Mice and Men-Curly’s Wife Diary Entry Essay Example

I just wanna ‘ave a couple of friends to talk to. Like I said, it’s lonely on the ranch. That nigger Crooks is the worst of them all, trying to talk to me. I really thought the rest of the guys on the ranch were alright but when I throw myself at them, they jus’ don’t like me. Well, forget them I don’t need no guys in my life when I become a movie star they will all want me. I know I can still be in the pitchers. I’ll be famous and have friends to talk to and all those guys will wanna have a shot with me, that is if I can be free from Curley.

I’ll be the happiest gal’ in the world if I can be in the pitchers and I wont have to worry about Slim and Candy and Curly and the two new guys on the ranch. Those two new guys Lennie and George seem an interesting pair. Well you know what they say, opposites attract. By that I mean they are completely different; Lennie is big, strong but kind and loyal whereas George is a little man who seems a bit ratty. I seen Lennie in the barn stroking the pups, like a kid he is but I wonder if he’ll like me. If he is like the other guys then maybe he won’t.

Lately all the guys have been acting suspiciously, they said Curly Got his hand caught his hand in a machine but I’m sure their lying. It could be Slim but he doesn’t seem the type or maybe Lennie he is very strong but would never hurt someone unless told by George. I thought he was sweet but maybe not. It must be him; nothin’ strong enough to kill all the bones in somebody’s hand except Lennie. I betta watch out for ‘im, never know what could happen with ‘im around, could kill somebody he could. Well it wouldn’t be me that’s for sure. Well I better go see what Curley is shoutin’ about, I’ll write soon, Elouise

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