Of mice and men racism

6 June 2017

‘Of Mice and Men’ was written just after the time It Is set, In the. During this time there was a lot of economic downturn and social issues to do with racism and sexism due to mass migration to America during this time period. In fact most blacks faced a higher unemployment than whites In the ass’s. And if they were employed there wages were significantly lower than a whites wages. As this was a very racist time period.

Crooks is the character that all the racism in the book is aimed towards. Crooks Is the only black character in the book. His name crooks is supposed to be a nickname for him because he Is disabled it Is also supposed to be racist but I don’t think it Is by today’s racism it might have been racist back then. Also he is not wanted in the bunk house Because of his skin color. Nobody wants to talk to crooks because of his skin color.

Of mice and men racism Essay Example

Until Lonnie tries to talk to him. Then candy, curly s wife, and George then talk to him. Lonnie tries to talk to crooks first and when he finally does crooks Is very racist about everybody being racist to him and doesn’t want to talk then he finally talks to Lonnie and then you see he side of crooks that tries to put everyone down which Is not so racist. Then candy walks in and crooks turns into the nice guy.

And they talk about the farm that Lonnie, George, and candy are trying to get. Then curly s wife shows up and then you see a curly being racist and sexist towards churl’s wife to try and get to leave because every were she goes there is trouble and it is usually caused by her. Many black people of the sass’s dealt with a lot more racism than in the book because they had the UK Klux Klan, the Jim Crow laws ton

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