Of Tarsiers and Men

4 April 2015
A discussion on similar mating traits between Tarsiers and humans.

This paper discusses the similarities between the mating behavior of Tarsiers and humans. The writer argues that both Tarsiers and humans are inclined to monogamous relationships though polygamy is also found in these societies. Likewise, Tarsiers and humans share similar traits in their sexual behavior.
“Every animal species, from mice to men and cockroaches to chimpanzees, has a set of rituals and cultural expectations by which it lives. While mankind may or may not be alone in attaching deep moral significance to their adherence to these rituals, they are certainly not alone in following them. Science remains divided as to whether or not there is sufficient correlation between the mating behavior of humanity and the rest of the animal kingdom to justify drawing lessons and examples from our fellow mammals. Many say there is, and experiment consistently (and often brutally) on other primates and even on such far removed creatures as rats and pigeons. Others say there is not, and refuse to accept any lesson from the wild that might interfere with human preconceptions. But whether or not there is a lesson to be learned, there are certainly parallels to be drawn and questions to be asked about the similarities and difference between the mating habits of various species and out own cherished human rituals. Among the many species whose behavioral patterns reflect on those of humanity are the Tarsiers, a family of small primates with five species, of which three are traditionally recognized. On of the most fascinating traits of this species is the continued expectations of outside observes and one might guess of the species itself that it maintain a monogamous standard for mating — despite the fact that the species is in fact very commonly polygamous.”

Of Tarsiers and Men Essay Example

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