Of Youth and Age – Francis Bacon

2 February 2017

You come from him, you belong to him. And you will go to him. God is the source and the goal of your life.

” Our duty is to create the gifts of mind and heart that God has offered us, and to place them at the use of our families and societies. To do this, is to react to God’s meaning for us, and to make our own existence valuable. Step 4: “Imago Dei” 1. The new visions about God and/or in my connection with God that I got from this article was that neglecting God is something we Christian’s can’t do because God is our faith and hope.He supports us to find the solutions in all our problems by giving us a task that has a moral ending. 2. This article tests the way I think around God by giving us examples of how to manage with everyday problems that God gives us.

Of Youth and Age – Francis Bacon Essay Example

However He challenges us everyday with situations, He will never give us a challenge we cannot handle. God is neither male nor female. He is the spirit in us that gives us hope and faith towards our challenges. 3. The main inspiration of how we do not treat all people in the image and likeness of God is picking and harassing the gay and/or homosexuals.This is seen in school and in society. Some churches ban gay human beings from their church because of the fact that the church rule is to not be selfish on having feelings for both men and women.

Step 5: Freedom, Conscience and Sin 1. I understood conscience as a voice in the back of my head telling me what’s right and what’s wrong. I can recognize it now because of the things that I have gone through in my 17+ years of living. My integrity grew more and more as I grew up knowing that some things can catch up to you in the future.My conscience trained me to know what is right and what is incorrect. 2. As you read the definitions underline or highlight the ones that most clearly help you to understand conscience.

3. Choose the two definitions that you like the most and write 5 sentences on each as to why these are the most meaningful for you. • Conscience deals with knowing and deciding. Briefly, it is a person’s sense of right and wrong, his awareness of responsibility. It is there when a person realizes he/she has done something wrong. Conscience is the most secret core and sanctuary of a man. There he is alone with God.

S. T. O. M. P Searching 1. Some good reasons why Susanna should take this job is so that she can gain more experience to put on her resume and to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, that others do not have, to pay off her debt. A consequence in taking this job is that she will feel extremely uncomfortable and in some cases disgusted in the work that others are doing to animals, which may lead to argumentative discussion with other workers and just a disturbance of peace.

. Susanna can turn to her parents and friends for help because the people closest to her would understand her situation the best. The church would suggest to do what you think is right and use your Conscience. 3. It means that you cannot directly do something evil in order to bring about the good effect that you hoping for. A good end does not justify evil means to achieve it. In this story, the evil thing is the company proceeding on animal testing, which Susanna is also uncomfortable with.

By doing this ‘evil’ job, you cannot expect much good out of it. 4. I think Susanna should be calm about he decision and present herself professionally by simply explaining to the company that the job is not right for her. Susanna should be completely honest with her parents for they are the ones who help you the most. Susanna should not create a dramatic scene at the workplace for you never know what jobs might come by through the company that does not have animal testing. Keep your connections close. Thinking 5.

) An advantage of taking this job without asking questions is that Susanna might cope with the things that she does not like about animal testing and get along with the rest of the company to pay her debt off. It can be the wrong thing to do for her anger in the company doing animal testing may increase and may lead her to quit or loose her job, which would not look god in applying to other placements. b) An advantage of turning down the job, she at least will not be stressed out constantly about how there is animal testing done under the same roof as where she works.The disadvantage is that she will not have a job and it will take longer for her to find one for it is really hard to find jobs in the market. c) An advantage of taking the job without being involved in animal testing is that she gets to work a job that she doesn’t hate and can finally start to pay her debt off. A disadvantage may be that she may still stress out about the fact that there is animal testing under the same roof (just the idea will irritate her) and will lead to other things. 6.

Susanna could ask the company if they could maybe suggest her to another ompany similar to this one but without using animal testing in their works. 7. a) If Susanna takes the job, her friends and family, and herself will be effected. Her friends may become jealous, her family will be proud of her and encourage her, and she might have mixed feelings about this job and could react in an unexpected way when starting the job. b) If Susanna turns down the job, she will still be out of a job to pay her debt and though she my feel more comfortable not being around animal testing, she will be stressed out to find a new job. 8.Susanna can pray to have a stronger and more accurate conscience and that her conscience would lead her to the right path.

9. I personally think that Susanna should cope with the animal testing and use her will power to keep her opposition to her self while she completes her large debts in order to move on with her life. If she turns this job down, she needs to spend more time looking for a new job in a market that is not so available to new jobs. The sooner she gets rid of her debts, the quicker she can start working and keeping the money she earns.Task 1: Option B As a Christian, I think honesty is a very important part in our society. Unfortunately honesty is abused by a majority of the citizens in our world because everybody wants to trick each other so that they can profit morally, financially, and socially form others. We say that we should live as a Christian, respect one another and treat others how you would like to be treated.

Unfortunately the media of our world shows us the flaws in human society and how easily we can all be tricked in believing rumors and tampered information.For example, if the candidates running for president promise many positive things, all the citizens of the country are going to believe them because none understand the power of deception. I had recently seen a film called ‘Juvenile Offender’ at the Tiff Festival which was about a mother that had a child at the age of 17, leaving the child with her father and completely forgetting about him, and the struggles that the child went through. The child was taken care of by his grandfather who eventually died of old age when the child was 15.Not having any family and no parents to learn from, he ended up impregnating his girlfriend at the age of 16 and when to jail for 8 months. It is understandable that it is very hard to raise a child at the age of 17, but what message does it give to the world, your family, and your child when you make a mistake and don’t fix it. The child then, with no teachings, repeats the same mistake his mother made.

If the mother could have been respectful and honest with herself, she could have fixed her whole life and even the relationship with her and her one and only son. I myself take honesty extremely seriously.I do not have the strength in me to lie, I just feel so guilty and I bring myself through a guilt trip. I know for a fact that a majority of all lies build up to another lie and another lie and so on, and there comes a point where you get tired of remembering to lie or cover up a lie, that the truth slips out. When someone is constantly dishonest, it shows a lot about his or her character. It shows that someone cannot take responsibility. I just don’t understand what goes through people minds when they use people and lie about everything so that they can higher themselves from others.

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