Right from the opening riff of “Bad Habit” I knew this was going to be a night to remember. The Offspring has arrived! Dexter Holland started things off right when he did a swan dive into the crowd during the first song of the 90-minute set. By the end of “Bad Habit” the Aud was a giant mosh pit. When “Gotta Get Away” came on, the pit hit a fever pitch and that’s when I got dragged into it. This being my first time in a real pit, it was quite an experience C being thrown back and forth, bouncing off a million people and trying to figure which way is up. The band blistered through “Something to Believe In,” “It’ll Be a Long Time,” “So Alone,” and “Genocide.” Then came Offspring’s claim to fame: “Come Out and Play.” Everyone went crazy, and the pit got bigger, if that’s possible. Kids flying overhead, people rushing the stage. That’s when I decided to go for it. With Chris’s help, I took to the air. Crowd surfing is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You are in total control, but at the same time you have none at all. Being passed along, person to person, hoping the next person won’t drop you, it’s a rush. Offspring then did a few songs from their first disk (boring). Then came “Not the One,” “Killboy Plowhead,” and “What Happened to You.” Holland hit every note with perfection. The band stopped playing for a few to take a request, a kid from the crowd yelled something, so Holland said, “That’s a Green Day song, we’re Offspring” then they played the first verse of “Come Undone C The Sweater Song” before thrashing into “Self Esteem.” At this point it was every man for himself, so I went up for the second time. This time wasn’t as much fun; I got dropped on my head (ouch). The crowd sang more of “Self Esteem” than Holland did, but we sounded just as good. Then there was silence. With “Come Out and Play” and “Self Esteem” gone by, what was left to live for? What could the band encore with to top the night? How about “Smash” and “Nitro!” This was it, one last chance at the pit. Insanity at its finest! During the last song I decided to try that crowd surfing thing one more time, my head was already feeling better. I took the wave all the way around into the center of the pit, but then I had to get back out. Hold your breath, close your eyes and charge! Quicksand, and No Use For a Name opened, but nobody noticed. The Offspring was the main attraction, and they let that fact be known. .

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