Oh No! Not Again!

2 February 2017

I trudged home from school, weary of the scorching hot sun relentlessly shining on the back of my neck.

I sighed, wondering why life was so miserable, especially since every month, my mother had a new obsession, and every day, there was some sort of trouble. As I reached home, I heard a familiar noise. My younger brother, Tim, was crying again. I groaned, Oh no! Not again! My mother had taken up a new hobby this month: planting, and was completely obsessed with it. The whole front lawn was covered with all sorts of plants, and just a few days ago, Tim had gotten a beating from Mum because he plucked her roses to decorate the toilet.What was the problem today? Reluctantly, I entered the house. Mum screamed at Tim, “NO, I will not get you a superhero backpack! Your current bag is good enough! Do you know how much I have to work just to feed you all since your father left? You are already very lucky that we don’t have to sell the house! ” Tim just continued to cry.

Oh No! Not Again! Essay Example

I shouted, “I’m home! Not that anybody cares! ” Then I stomped upstairs to my room. Mum tried to stop me, but changed her mind when Tim started to throw a fit about all his friends having superhero bags. In my room, I sat on my bed and sighed.Why did Mum not have enough money to buy Tim a bag but have enough money to buy all sorts of expensive gardening plants? Then, as the “brain” of the family, I tried to think of a way to think of a solution to resolve the conflict. Just then, I heard Tim scream out what I had been thinking all along, “This is not fair! You get to buy all the plants you want and anything else, but you can’t give me a new bag, or a birthday present! ” Then, there was a loud “Whack! ” and after that, Tim ran into my room. I stretched my arms and gave my usual opening line, “What’s up, little bro? ” Tim sobbed, “Mum hit me.Hard.

On the, on the head! ” I gasped and asked, “Does it hurt a lot? ” Tim nodded. Then, I asked, “Anyway, what kind of bag do you need? ” Tim instantly replied, “A superhero bag. ” At that moment, an imaginary light bulb switched on the top of my head. “Then I’ll draw one for you, one so good that your friends will be jealous How about that? ” I said. Tim opened his eyes so wide that I thought he was going to burst. He said, “Deal! ” and quickly ran out, took his bag, and came back. I took out my marker and said, “Tim, do you want a new hero? One that nobody else would have heard of before? A minute or so later, Mum walked into my room.

I inwardly groaned. What now? Had she gotten a new hobby? Was she going to nag at me for ‘spoiling’ Tim’s bag? Whatever it was, I thought I did not want hear it. Mum sat beside me and asked, “What did you do? Tim seemed very happy as he left your room. ” I smiled. That was the last thing I had expected to hear. “I drew a superhero on his bag. I think he liked it! ” Mum said, “I wanted to apologise to Tim, for hitting him on the head, but I did not know what he was going to do in his room and did not want to disturb him.

”I paused for a while. Still, the main problem was not solved. Something like this would only happen again if Mum did not stop her obsessions and took more care of Tim and me. I said, “Mum, Tim and I both know that you are working very hard to keep the family together, but we feel that most of the time now, you spend more time and effort on your hobbies, and not us. Do you know that it has been three years since you last gave me or Tim a birthday present? Especially since Tim is only in kindergarten. Young children require more love, care, and attention. ’ Mum suddenly went silent.

Her brows were all scrunched up. At first, I thought Mum was going to hit me, but she did not. Instead, she said, “Oh, I did not realise that, I apologise. I’d better go to Tim and apologise too! ” She hugged me once, said a hurried “Do your homework neatly,” and then she left. Through this incident, I learnt that we should always know that our parents always love us, and not have any doubts about that. Also, everyone has a different problem with their parents, but still a problem all the same. Sometimes, the only way to solve the problem is very simple- communication.

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