Oh Wonder • Oh Wonder

10 October 2019

Bringing a new twist to indie music for the 21st century, London duo Oh Wonder (Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West) released their self-titled debut album in September 2015. With the promise of dropping one song per month, the pair quickly gained an immense fanbase from a vast range of ages. Their timeless, somber tunes captivated the older generations in an endless loop of nostalgia. However, it was their indie-electronic vibe that captured the hearts of millennials just discovering the beauty of musical exploration.

One of Oh Wonder’s popular hits, “All We Do,” creates an ambiance that shakes the soul with meaningful lyrics. “Without You” introduces a myriad of emotion, while the upbeat “Lose It” leaves you itching to dance. Each song comprises harmonies that seem to melt into one another, laced with piano and percussion. The album in its entirety leaves listeners changed for the better.

It’s no wonder that “Oh Wonder” climbed its way up the charts. This album holds the power to make time come to a halt, while all the world’s problems dissipate into thin air. Vander Gucht and West craft quality music with meaning and authenticity and the ability to transport you to a different time, place, and state of mind. But the true distinguishing factor is the relationship the artists share. It is evident in each soulful, melodic song. The duo’s musical chemistry is undeniable, adding the spark needed to make their music hauntingly beautiful.

Overall, this album is a hidden gem that everyone should listen to. Its success cannot be confined.

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