Oh Wonder by Oh Wonder

8 August 2019

The debut of Oh Wonder’s self titled album in September, 2015 was one that introduced the world to a melodious and catchy new collection of songs that take the listener on a journey in every verse. This album features a wide variety of sounds and melodies, some quiet and slow, some loud and upbeat. Whether you like Indie pop, alternative r&b, electro pop, or synth pop, Oh Wonder is an album that is sure to enthrall you and make you want to listen to it on repeat.
All of the songs on the album share very high pitched tones, sang by the very talented Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. Each song is distinct in its own way, even though they contain specific elements that characterizes Oh Wonder. All share a common electronic rhythm and quiet tone, and a happy or peaceful theme. This album makes the listener feel at ease as he/she relaxes to the soft melodies the artists sing. Although the album is not loud, it still carries emotion. Every track is melodious, often set to an electronic beat. The songs can be both catchy and emotional at the same time, which requires a lot of talent.
Most of the songs on the album discuss common themes. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Josephine stated, “I think the things that unite all the songs are human relationships and the importance of love and being there for people.” These ideas are generally universal, so not only can listeners enjoy the songs on Oh Wonder, but they can relate to them as well. However, even though a theme of relationships is very common in songs, the band manages to avoid cliches, setting them apart from other artists that sing songs having a similar or even identical topic. I applaud this, because it is difficult to be unique while singing about something that is relatively cliche. Additionally, the artists did something quite unusual when releasing the album— they released one song every month, rather than dropping an entire album all at once. Oh Wonder does a fantastic job of setting themselves apart from any other band, ensuring that their album will be a memorable one to any listener.
Lastly, the album Oh Wonder, as I stated, employs a variety of managed to explore many genres in their album—as I stated, sounds. Songs range from empowering, with lyrics like “Cause I’m kicking up stones without you…And I’m digging down holes without you,”(Without You) to melancholy, with lyrics like “I’ve been upside down/ I don’t want to be the right way round/ Can’t find paradise on the ground” (All We Do). The artists have synth pop, r&b, Indie pop, and electro pop—, which can make it appeal to almost everybody. However, the album mainly consists of more quiet, electronic songs that share a similar high pitched sound. None of the songs are loud, and only two or three instruments— such as piano, guitar, etc.—or an electronic track backing up the music. Even though I didn’t normally listen to the genres Oh Wonder’s self-titled fell into, the album sparked my interest in them. It definitely had a significant impact on my music taste, as I started listening to other artists of that genre after listening to the album because I enjoyed it so much.As someone who normally sticks to listening to the same artists and songs, the fact that Oh Wonder helped me venture out of my comfort zone shows that the album was exceptional. This music is good when trying to relax, and it also can help with focus. The album Oh Wonder can be enjoyed by people with all kinds of different music tastes, another thing that makes it fantastic.

Overall, this album has left an impact on me, just like it should to you. Even though you may think at the moment that it won’t appeal to you, there is a chance you may find yourself mistaken, like I did after listening to it.This is an album that you will find yourself zoning out to all the time, replaying the soft sounds and gorgeous tones in your head as you embark on the journey Oh Wonder takes you on.

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