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10 October 2016

To my IT supervisors, Mr. Jessar Medenilla and Mr. Richard Albarin who taught me about new and great ideas on how to improve and develop my skills and knowledge beneficial to survive in the IT industry. To my OJT adviser, Ms. May Florence D. San Pablo who’s always supportive and caring to me, giving me assistance and being kind to all students that she handled. To my Co-OJTs, Chico De Guzman, Renier King Villanueva, Christian Navarra and Mark Anthony Managbanag , for understanding and support that they given to me.

These necessitate the expansion of its physical plant. To date in addition to the Makati and Quezon City Campuses, the institution has other campuses in the provinces of Cebu and Davao. In keeping with its global mission, the institution has opened two international in Guam and Bangladesh. The Quezon City campus has its own sport facilities and a computer center, which houses the latest – state – of the art equipment. The said campus also houses the elementary and high school departments. The outcome has already ensured a steady demand for computer.

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However, computer awareness was not enough. What started as part of insistent selling strategy must now be viewed as an independent concern. Why train more programmers when there is a need to lay the foundation for indigenous computer science development? The business venture must take a separate cause. The time to take up education as a separate working agenda has started. Immediate in the program of action of the institution is the attainment of full university status by the year 1995. Its own sport facilities and a computer center, which houses the latest – state – of the art equipment.

The partnership is an academic collaboration between AMA Education System (AMAES) and Alpha innovations in the area of “Robotics Learning Center” (RLS). The partnership makes AMA and all its corporate member components, as the letter’s “Education Partner” in the Philippines. With this partnership in hand, the student in some selected AMACC campuses and learning centers will be equipped with a quick startup and introduction to the world of mobile robotics. FESTO Inc. has appointed AMAES as the Executive and Only Premiere Education Training Partner in the Philippines.

The partnership aims to pioneer the offering of Mechatronics Engineering in the Philippines and as well as in any AMA International Branch operation. It covers installation of complete Mechatronics Engineering laboratory, which it first in the Philippines, plus FESTO Inc. will transfer the technology to  from Fluke instruments. They are specializing in manufacturing very high quality instruments. AMA was appointed by FLUKE Networks to be exclusive training partner in the Philippines and in theregion.

IntraLearn Software Corporation (IntraLearn) provides configurable e-Learning software that helps small to mid-sized organizations as well as departments of the Global 2000 to rapidly and effectively deploy measurable training and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among their students, employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Introduced in 1997, IntraLearn e-Learning software is now used by more than 500 organizations and more than two million people in 30+ countries worldwide. As the only Premier Education Partner of Microsoft, AMA is able to provide its students the first crack to the latest Microsoft software.

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