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8 August 2016

I test the network cables we created by plugging one end of the cable on unoccupied port in a switch and the other end must also be plugged on unoccupied port of another switch. If the each light on the corresponding ports flashes, it means that both ends of the cables worked successfully. Installation of Tight VNC remoting software with client-type setting We installed all PC in each department with VNC software but with custom settings (e. g we may be able to just remote their PC to access some admin files without confusingly locating their respective unit/place anymore. PC domain checking

We were asked to check the PC-domain names and if they are joined in their respective domains. We logged in as administrator on each computer so that we may be able to update and synchronise them (if there are any changes of information) according to the plan list given to us. Mitel VOIP checking Mitel Telephones Voice over IP check. The proper assigning of IP to ensure that all phones, used by the all agents, are using unique IP. Mitel phone configuration Update phone IP according to the planned list and synchronisation of its time to the server time. Polycom phone configuration

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Update phone IP according to the planned list and synchronisation of its time to the server time. Daylight Saving Time (DST) turned off. PC speed boosting We deleted all profile data in some units to prevent breakdown of the main memory. We also deleted the cache to eliminate unused temporary files which makes a computer process slower. McAffee Antivirus Installation with client-type setting We installed Antivirus software to prevent spam and viruses that can harm and hack a certain system. We changed its setting to just a “client-type” for we are the only ones has the right to update, scan, reinstall, and delete it.

Changing Permission Rights to admin There are situations that a client needs admin rights to perform a certain task. We will be sent to their respective unit and we logged in as admin and then, we customize the specific folder’s properties according to which folder they need admin access. Joining to a domain Every time a certain computer needs to be settled- up in a new department, we re-assign its IP address, change its domain name, and re-group it on its newly assigned group. IV. Evaluation 1. Achievements a. Skills Proper Inter-Network Cable Managing

What I learned about the proper cabling was, “for you to do it, you must look for all the ways possible. ” In a simple sentence, “Manage it the easiest way, take time organizing it. ” This is to ensure that all cables are properly organized in the easiest way and path it passes. Cisco Switch Basic Configuration What I learned about Cisco switch configuration is just basic. The setting of system time, creating a password, hiding the password characters for no one can see it while you type it, renaming the switch name itself, and some patching commands that they used to enable the ports.

Understanding of VLANs At first, I thought that vLANs are just exactly the same as LANs although they do the same thing. When we were asked to join our supervisor for us to observe the switches, it was the time I knew that vLANs are like group of LANs. vLANs save spaces and prevents redundancy of switches. It’s like a 1 vLAN, is a group of many LANs that this vLAN occupies only a single port in the main vLAN switch. With this, a switch can handle about 14-15 sets of LAN connections, which can also save costs and spaces instead of separate switches. Boosting a computer’s maximum speed (Desktop & Laptop) Locating the temporary file’s folder and deleting them. This folder is known as cache files. Temporary files are stored in the main memory which makes the computer slower if there are too many files on it. If so, the processor will take time processing, for it locates any remaining memory that can be used for the current process. Remoting a computer having a different domain and file server They teach me how to remote a computer having a different domain.

First, you must know the IP address of the server you are remoting to. Once we entered onto its logon screen, we use the admin account so that we have the authority to remote PCs. Second, we make sure if we use the right domain, if not, we just expand it “\\therightdomainhere\usernamehere” Accessing the file servers using a single domain There are file servers which Stellar provides for each department. For example, servers ARES & HERCULES are for JETSTAR. While FORD & TOYOTA are servers for AGL, and HADES & POSEIDON are for PRODUCTION. For example, jetstar uses jetstar domain.

While agl uses sgsp-ap domain and production uses sgsp. In my workplace, it uses sgsp-ap. If I want to access the file servers of jetstar, all I have to do is to go to RUN, and type the domain of the JETSTAR (e. g \\[email protected] ph\thenameoftheserverhere). PC re-imaging (cloning the exact configuration of the OS you wish to image) There are training rooms in stellar in which the computer’s installed programs do not fit for the ones to be trained. Instead of changing the whole unit or installing all the software they need, we just re-image the OS.

Re-imaging the OS is like choosing an OS thru online and installing with a complete set of programs according to the classification of trainees. b. Equipments, Machinery, Testing Apparatus handled Cisco Switch RJ-45 cable tester MITEL phones POLYCOM phones Cable Stripper Cable Crimping Tool c. Was the proposed program followed? Completed? Why? Yes, I’ve completed a minimum 160 hours of training program as a Technical Support at Stellar. d. Strong points versus Weak points I usually ask question whenever I don’t have any background of the task that has been assigned to me.

They would ask me to research for the solutions and then inform them if I’ve found any. But whenever I found solutions, sometimes I just forget to inform them and do it my own without them having been informed, which is my weak point. (Thanks to the Internet and they have given me the right solutions and avoid to worsen that problem reports) e. The best experience Learned to explore more about computer software and their uses. The chance of basic to mid-level configuration of the CISCO SWITCHES. Able to retrieve CBT Nuggets Video Tutorials that explains more about the NETWORKING WORLD.

2. Failures a. Causes Unable to do assigned tasks for a given time A PC was expected to be re-imaged and domain name change when suddenly the log in domain was lost causing it to restore its default administrator password (which we do not know, even my team leader) b. Suggested Solutions Migration of agents to unoccupied stations within their department, if there is nothing available, wait until the agent on that assigned station logs out before making any changes/configuration on their station PC’s. Reformat PC to restore the original configuration of OS.

Be always on time to perform and finish the task given on time. 3. Evidence of background preparations of trainees upon the start of training Day after applying at Stellar as trainee, I’ve received a text from Stellar (HR personnel) and asked me to join the New Employee Orientation 9th of April 2011 for the IT-OJT position. We travel to Stellar to familiarize different areas that we will be working on. Our department head discussed to us the Stellar’s policy regarding respect of the Employees to Clients and vice versa.

We were also required to dressed appropriately (Casual will do for IT) and to always wear our proxy card IDs so that we may be able to pass through doors which have security enabled sensors . 4. Personal relations: Integration with company personnel They made my work easier. Not literally easy, but just to exclude unnecessary complications. Problems and errors are always there, but it’s on us if we try to fix those ourselves and thought twice of the output, or be sure of the outcome with the help of more experienced personnel than me. 5. Attendance and Punctuality

I was able to go to work on the given schedule. There are time adjustments for us because there were many of us training in the same department. If all of the trainees go there at the same time, the room would just look like crowded. So what our supervisor said was some of us would just make some time adjustments in the afternoon shift. 6. Interest and Commitment It made me more interested to the training every time they let me handle that by myself. I mean, they do not need to accompany me on something that I will do. It’s like, they learn to trust me on that thing to do and just let me do it myself.

It’s a good feeling that they also let you feel that you’re not in a different position. It’s also a good feeling when you passed your commitments regarding the job/work you are expecting to do without them at your side. 7. School-company coordination Our school’s placement office requested for the SEC and Company Profile. The function of the SEC is to serve as verification that the company is overall registered in our country. The company profile gives background information and contact details so the school and company will have a good communication.

-Those requirements that is mentioned above is received by issuing a letter of endorsement from our school because those are confidential documents. V. Recommendations 1. Potential of company as a training ground a. Availability and appropriateness of facilities, equipment, and machinery I think Stellar provides “oneness” within its society. Their trainees, like me as an IT Tech. Support, have a chance to expose ourselves outside their department. We felt that we’re actually part of the team. They would assign task to us and we must complete them according to time they’ve given us.

You’ll have also access to their data room (one of the private rooms that can be only accessed by an authorized people) to see and to observe what a network engineer really does to provide connections of Stellar’s system to and from outside servers. All you are going to do and what tasks you’re assigned in to, are all related to your chosen field of work. b. Company Personnel Cooperation No lack of assistance If you don’t have much knowledge on the task assigned to you, they’ll give you time to research. If none of the results matches, they will give you its procedures, step by step.

They will help build the confidence in you by assigning you a particular task and act upon it alone but of course, you’ll be given a procedure in performing them. 2. Duration of training The duration of the training came up short for me. Although I’ve met the minimum of 160 hours of training, it’s like I just wanted to have more things to discover and learn on hands-on training experience. Training in that company has given me more than excitement. 3. Proposed revision on training program For trainees to have more hands-on experience that builds up networking logic capabilities

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