Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

6 June 2019

In the world today, pressure is an everyday part of our lives, whether it is through writing essays and exams at school or changing one’s lifestyle. This pressure can be very positive in helping people to change their way of life for the better. In today’s society, it is possible for people to change, and the many types of pressure help one to change in positive ways. By examining how people can change either by training or motivation and how pressure to change one’s life by making it better helps people to do so, it is clear that people can change.

Firstly, people can change, especially if they are motivated to change. Some people have a tutor to help them to improve their marks and study habits. Training programs like Kumon and on-line tutoring in areas such as math have also been proven to change people’s grades in school. People who perform these activities in order to improve their marks often receive promising results. Tutoring is a successful strategy that people have used for many years. Another example that proves that people can change is the motivation that often occurs after a near-death experience. Many people who have been in a situation such as this suddenly realize what they have made of their lives, and decide to change them. Even the death of a loved family member can have this effect on people, who suddenly realize they want to do more with their lives. People can even change drug addictions or habits that they have by seeing a counsellor or psychiatrist. Doctors also have special programs, or there are special groups that one could join in order to eliminate a drug addiction. For example, there are support groups where a person can talk about their addiction with others who have been through a similar situation in order to overcome their addiction. These programs are effective and are helping people to change their way of life. In summation, it is possible for people to change through training or counselling and when they are motivated by life-changing events.

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks Essay Example

Contrary to what some may think, pressure helps people to change in positive ways. For instance, nowadays people are being pressured to stop smoking because it is harmful. There are advertisements on TV, treatments such as patches and special nicotine gum, and kids are being educated in school to not smoke. There are even advertisements on the cigarette packages telling people not to smoke! There have also been laws passed forbidding people from smoking in public buildings. Smokers are not even allowed to smoke a certain distance outside public buildings. Smoking rates are lower in some areas as a result of all this pressure. As young people are being educated about the harmful effects of smoking, fewer people are smoking as a result. Similarly, people are being pressured to save the environment and reduce greenhouse gases through the types of food that they eat (red meat being worse for the environment than fish) and by how much waste they are allowed to dispose. Recently there has been a law passed in Hamilton stating that only one bag of garbage is permitted for each house. The majority of people in the Hamilton area are complying with the new bylaw and have reduced their household garbage. In addition, people are being pressured to have a healthy body weight and to eat healthy food. Constantly, health magazines are publishing new facts about how to eat healthy, such as cutting down on sodium intake, saturated fats and trans fats and, of course, eating more fruits and vegetables. Lifestyle and fashion magazines, too, have pictures of fit people, encouraging kids to eat healthy and exercise. People are aware of these healthy goals, and most are trying to be fit and have a healthy weight. Many people today join fitness clubs or participate in other physical activities as a result of this pressure. All of these situations show how pressure helps people to improve their health, the earth and our environment, and to exercise and stay healthy.

In conclusion, people can change how they act, live their lives and overcome addictions. Training and counselling as well as the motivation of life-changing events can help people to make positive changes. Especially nowadays, people are encouraged to make positive choices by many types of pressure, including peer pressure and the pressure of society, to become healthy and help the environment. People can change how they live their lives and pressure encourages individuals to make positive changes. Change is challenging, but it can be accomplished.

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