Malaysian are very compassionate people. Unlike the western culture, we practice a very different way of life comparatively especially when it comes to family issues and taking care of our loved ones. Particularly in Malaysia, the common practice is that parent’s take care of their children when they are young and growing up and when they earn their own living and have their own families, they will then take care of their parent’s.

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However, as the world moves into the modern era and into a more nominative society, this type of practice is no longer common as before. Many child choose to send their parent to the old folks homes. Based on the visual aids given, the number of people aged 60 and above who placed in old folks homes from the year 2006 to 2010 averagely increase. On 2006, about 320 people have been placed in old folks homes, 220 male and 100 female.

Then on 2007, about 170 male old folks has been placed in old folks homes while 95 from female, decrease about 55 people room both genders compared to 2006. Meanwhile on 2008, the total increase for about 65 people become 330 people has been sent to old folks homes, 220 male and 110 female. Increment about 30 people compared to the previous year for male and stay the same for female, so the total on 2009 would be 360 people. On 2010, there are 105 male and 270 female has been sent to old folks homes, the higher amount compared for five years with total 375 people.

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