Old people vs Young people

6 June 2016

Old People
Old people are always blaming young people for the everyday problems, but old people are actually the ones to blame for these societal problems. This is in a way unfair to the youths, since news channel and papers are endlessly bombarding us with news like ‘kid kills with gun/knife.’ Or even the recent riots, they are being blamed and criticized for the problems within our society.

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Old people vs Young people
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This is clear that the adults are using us the youths as mere scapegoats, as the society we live in is created by the older generation, and we have no voice in saying how the society, the world we live in are run, due to the fact that only people over 18 are allowed to vote, change the laws. Although our opportunity will come, but once there is a problem, learning from the older generation, we will blame the youths because they are the most vulnerable and the vicious cycle will continue on and on. Still, the older generations might defend themselves by showing that the number of young offenders is rising rapidly. This might seem convincing at first, but does this not just show that there are more and more fatal flaws in our system?

Or do they even do their job, be responsible and show us the correct way to behave and to distinguish between good and evil? ‘The inherited evil within every man appears once law and order is taken away from society.’ – William Golding. So in the end, this was yet another one of the older generations way to delude the public. As I have said before, it is unfair to the youths that they are blamed for all the mess the older generations leave behind, they are being falsely accused for things they haven’t done. In my opinion, this has become more than just a blame game; I think that people have subconsciously accepted a stereotypical thinking in their mind.

Every time they see a bunch a teenagers together, they automatically think their up to something sinister, every time they hear teenagers talking out loud, they look at them with disgust, thinking where are their manners? They don’t even give them a chance to defend themselves. In conclusion, nobody wants to bear responsibility for something, so when there is an easy way out, most people will choose the easier way, putting the blame on others and this is exactly what generation after generation are doing, they need to stand up, take the blame and change what’s wrong, so in my opinion, I think its morally unacceptable to be blaming youths for our societal problems.

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