Old Person Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Describe an interesting old individual
– Who he is
– Why you find him interesting
– How he helps you
– How frequently you meet him

* I have met many old individuals in my life.
* Many of them have influenced me.
* But the one whom I find most interesting is my grandma.
* She is in her late sixties
* She is non really tall but really beautiful.
* Although she has a wrinkly face but she ever wears a warm smiling on her lips and a beaming freshness on her face.
* I have known her since my birth.
* I was raised by her.

* Earlier we used to populate in a little small town Mirzapur.
* My parents shifted to Phagwara metropolis to spread out their concern.
* I was left with my grandparents.
* My grandma used to wake me up and acquire me ready for school.
* She used to assist me in surveies. take me to the park. drama with me and featherbed me a batch.

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* Now that our household concern is good established she excessively has shifted in the metropolis with us.
* She reads the paper daily and is abreast of what is go oning of the universe around us.
* She seems to cognize about any subject on Earth. She is really chatty and loves to chew the fat with my friends.
* My friends excessively are really friendly with her.

* When my male parent is off on concern Tourss. she nicely runs his store in his absence.
* She is really popular among our neighbors.
* She is non merely my grandma.
* She is my friend. philosopher and usher.

Or You can acquire the thought from another reply
* I have met many old people in my life but I find my maternal grandma the most interesting and here I would wish to speak about her.
* She lives with my maternal uncle in London. but every twelvemonth comes to remain with us during my summer holiday.
* She is in her late 1960ss.

* She has a wrinkly face but ever has a warm smiling on her lips.
* She is really interesting as she is ever willing to larn new things.
* She is non like other adult females of her age who sit back at place making nil.
* She has besides made her face-book history and keeps path of all her grandchildren through that.
* She has a really wide mentality of life and is ever promoting me to larn new things.
* I took my impulsive lessons late on her advice.

* She is really wellness witting and does 20 proceedingss of yoga day-to-day.
* She besides goes to the vicinity park daily.
* She has non studied beyond high school. but encourages all of her grandchildren to analyze hard.
*She is non merely my grandma. but besides my friend philosopher and usher.
* I can portion my Black Marias innermost secrets with her.

* When she is in London. I daily chat with her for 10 proceedingss.
* Our age difference is no barrier to our friendly relationship.
* I love her from the nucleus of my bosom.

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