Older generation has nothing to teach the young generation

The mind can be classified as one of the wonder of mankind. It takes us from birth to death. The challenge of the older generation transformation of their mind to the younger generation remains a challenge. In a contemporary life, old generation and young generation are considered as an “oxymoron”. Some people think that the elders are conservative and Just always want to follow their own right. Some think the young is more rebellious and need to listen to some advices from the older.

It always becomes a hot topic mong the society whether the old can teach the young or not. And the question needs an answer which will be revealed. First, the elder have been through many hardships in their life. Thus, they have prolific experiences about some particular situations that they have already encountered. Teenage is something that they have gone through and probably one of the experiences that they can share with the younger generation. Obviously, there are some differences between teenagers now and in the past.

Some blame It on the Western influences which are hanging teenager’s lifestyle and behaviors. The contemporary teenagers are ones who always rebellious, furious and impatient. They are not willing to listen to any advices from others. They lust want to be themselves and follow their self- consciousness and pride. That’s why they need old generation to guide them or imitate as an epitomize example. On the other hand, some elders always follow and Impress on their conservative mind to the younger generation.

Parents always set a typical goal for their children to follow without realizing the damage causes to the psychology of he child. Some children feel the depression of the burden resting on their shoulder. And some 1 OF2 cannot live up wltn tnelr parents’ expectatlons. The result is that they are branded as disobedient and privileges of a child have been taken away from them. Gradually, it leads to some neural imbalances and may drive them to suicide. In addition, the old school of thought is that sex is forbidden. They consider it as a taboo and will never discuss it with the younger generation.

The adolescents are always curious about this topic nd they will do everything to explore. As they live in a technological era, they can find almost everything exotic even “x-rated” in the cyberspace. It will corrupt their mind which they can become obsess with sexuality. However, there is one thing that the young can learn from nowhere but the old generation. It’s the knowledge which is passing from the ancestor. Of course, they cannot find it on the internet or in the book. It may be Just simply an adage or a quote which is meaningful and valuable and it’s worth more than some in the book.

In this non-stop and rushing world, the generation gap is developing every day. Children are taken away from their parents and vice versa. They rarely talk to each other or Just meet every month. Sometimes, they find that it’s difficult to persuade or give advices for each other because they have nothing in common due to the lack of conversations. The elders may know the solution for this problem: “Confucius ideas”. It’s mainly about how to interact with people and how to treat them. Some of the values are filial piety, men characteristics and patriotism.

It’s really noteworthy to learn about these things which may help the youth face their life’s obstacles easily. In short, the advantages are outweighed the disadvantages which children should listen and obtain the good knowledge and advices from their parents and the elder. The old generation may be conservative but they have an immense knowledge about life which is still strange to some young people. No matter who they are the young or the old, they should really think about what they can interact and receive from each other.

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