4 April 2015
A review of the play “Oleanna” by David Mamet.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the play “Oleanna,” by David Mamet. Specifically, it looks at the most important idea the play, namely that of sexual harassment. The body of this paper explores the plot in the light of this idea. It looks at the plays comments on human nature and investigates the power struggles within the play.
“Many reviewers and critics would say that the most important idea dramatized by the plot of “Oleanna” is sexual harassment. “Ultimately, perhaps the question in Oleanna is not whether sexual harassment has been committed, but exactly who is persecuting whom” (Berardinelli). Even deeper, this play delves into the process of higher education, and whether it provides a real education to today’s youth, and Mamet uses the force and power of the English language to get this point across to the audience. So, the most important idea is a blend of all these themes that carry throughout the play, each one builds on the next to create an impossible situation of misunderstanding and power.”

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