Oliver Cromwell and British Destiny

4 April 2015
Examines Oliver Cromwell’s role in deposing and delimiting British monarchical authority and assesses the long term impact of Cromwell’s rule.

Oliver Cromwell and British Destiny

Oliver Cromwell and British Destiny Essay Example

Introduction: The Reformation
The Reformation was a political and religious revolution that was ongoing in Europe throughout the 16th century. Turmoil was created within many European monarchies when the central tenet of state religion, in most cases Catholicism, was challenged for political or religious reasoning (Tudors and Stuarts, 1997).

In England, Henry the VIII sought to break the ties to the Catholic Church in 1529. His reasoning dealt with centralizing power and obtaining an heir to the throne. In order to work his will, Henry the VIII convened a Parliament to help him draft new laws and policies. In this way, Henry the VIII set a precedent for latter clashes of power between Parliament and ruling authority.

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