Oliver Cromwell Hero or Villian

9 September 2016

Hero = good guy, who did good things, and made life better for all of us. Lots of people (including me) say this. Things we mention to prove it include: 1. He set up the New Model Army which won the Civil War.. 2. He defeated the Scots AND the Irish. 3. He got people to behead the king, and made Parliament the ruler of the kingdom – he is sometimes called ‘the daddy of democracy’. How’s about that for a hero? 4.

He abolished bear-baiting, and punished drunkenness. 5. He allowed Jews to return to start living in England (in this he was way ahead of his time). . He built up the British navy – this was the start of ‘Britannia rules the waves’. 7. He captured Jamaica from the Spanish – the beginning of the British Empire. 8. He was a good, decent family man, who enjoyed a joke and was kind to his children. Villain = bad guy, who did bad things, and made life worse for everybody. Some silly, mistaken people say this. This they mention are: 1. He signed the order that put Charles I to death (and some daft people think this was a bad thing) 2.

Oliver Cromwell Hero or Villian Essay Example

He took power straight after the Civil War. He made himself ‘Lord Protector’ and used army officers called ‘Major Generals’ to rule the country (ie he turned Britain for a time into a military dictatorship) 3. He introduced laws to make people behave in a Christian way – some people say he was a ‘killjoy’. 4. He put down a rebellion in ireland very cruelly (especially he allowed his soldiers to massacre the Irish soliders when he captured the towns of Drogheda and Wexford).

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