Oliver Stone

4 April 2015
A look at the career and work of film director Oliver Stone.

This paper presents an autobiography of the famous film director, Oliver Stone. The author discusses Stone’s career, famous works and examines the main themes of his films such as political events and social history.
Oliver Stone is a director who rose to success against high odds through hard work and perseverance. He began as a screenwriter for the film industry and saw script after script either rejected or rewritten by other, more senior and established writers. His directorial debut was a low-budget horror film released in 1974 called The Hand, but his first real success was as a writer. The movie Midnight Express (1978) earned him an Academy Award for best screenplay adaptation. He next returned to directing with Seizure (1981), followed by his third effort Salvador in 1986 which was characterized by inventiveness and frugality which earned him the opportunity to make Platoon (1986) based on his own screenplay.

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Platoon redefined Vietnam War films and earned four Academy Awards including best director and best picture.

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