Oman Essay Research Paper OmanOman is a

9 September 2017

Oman Essay, Research Paper


Oman is a great topographic point to travel if you like nature. There are wild comeuppances mountains, and

tropical seaboard. Peoples travel to Oman because of it beautiful lookout, interesting Arabic

traditions, and writhe conditions. Some of the activities you can make there are relax, fish,

scuba honkytonk, or bask Oman? s interesting civilizations.

Oman is in Asia and lies on the gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The land is

bordered by United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Omans clip zone is

GTM+4. Oman is around the size of Kansas. Oman has a land mass of about

300,000 kilometres. About 82 per centum of the land mass is Valleys and comeuppances, 15 per centum

is mountain scopes, and 3 per centum is coastal field.

Oman is really hot and dry with temperature from 18o grades to 34o grades C.

Rainfall ranges from 76 to 102 millimeters per twelvemonth. Some natural jeopardies that Oman has are:

Large dust storms, and periodic drouths.

The population of Oman is about 1.5 million and the population denseness is

9.5 per sq. kilometer. The capital of Oman is Muscat with a population of 620,000. Muscat is

the most dumbly populated metropolis in Oman. The birth rate is 37.98 and the decease rate is


Oman people live in modern places or flats. The sexes of Sultanate of omans are

traditionally separated with outside life. But easy Oman is going non as sexiest.

Work force and Woman have distinc

tive vesture. The work forces wear a white robe and a turban. The

Womans wear long colourful frocks with pants underneath. The Oman eat nutrient like

fish, sheep, caprine animals, and day of the months. They drink alot of java there excessively. Traditional activities

they have are storytelling and association football.

Sultanate of omans Speak six linguistic communications. They are: English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indior, and

idioms. There official linguistic communication is Arabic. The different faiths they have are: Arbs,

Islam, Muslim, Hindus, and Ibadis. Oman is the lone state in the universe that has the

faith of Muslim. The faith that is the most popular is the Ibadis.

Education is really difficult to acquire if you live in the countryside. There are alot of

plans to assist illiterate grownups to read and compose. because 40o per centum of Oman

population is illiterate. When you get to university Education is free for Oman citizens.

Sultanate of omans transit is by autos, But merely in some parts of Oman. In other parts

camels are at that place transit. There international transit is air planes.

The things Oman Exports are: crude oil, reexports, fish, metals, and fabrics. The

topographic points they export to are: Japan, China, Thailand, south Korea, and USA.

The things they import are: machinery, transit equipment, manufactured

goods nutrient, and unrecorded stock. The topographic points they Import from are: Japan UK, USA, and


Now you know all about Oman. I hope you enjoyed my address.

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