On Neanderthals : Debunking Traditional Creationist Views

4 April 2015
This paper presents information to support the theory of evolution. The author attempts to debunk creationism as a theory through an examination of bone structure of the Neanderthal. The paper offers a basic scientific look at evolution.
“In the twentieth century one of the most heated and perhaps futile debates is whether man was created in a single moment by a supreme deity or if man is simply a highly evolved specimen of billions of years of evolution. In the last one hundred years, scientific evidence of hominid evolution has amassed as scientists have begun to excavate more sites containing mesmerizing archeological findings. Bones of such infamous hominids like Lucy, the Peking Man, and Neanderthals have increased understanding and awareness of our hominid ancestors, which have only fueled the fire for debate among Creationists and Evolutionists. While many sound arguments concerning these findings have been raised, many more invalid claims have emerged which lack the validity and scientific evidence but have nevertheless become a staple in Creationist reasoning.”
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