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2 February 2017

It also benefits the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum. It provides opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipments and documents. In effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about his chosen field and practice what he has learn from university.

Supervised Industrial Training is an important opportunity for students to seed their careers in a particular industry; or alternately, it may help students to clarify which sector of the industry they wish to pursue a career in. It works to develop an individual’s sense of professionalism by experiencing firsthand the industry’s culture and practices; learning from professionals their roles and responsibilities as active professionals. It is here our technical skills as well as our ability to take on and handle given responsibilities and make sound decisions that will strengthen our prospects.

On the Job Training Essay Example

It is therefore not uncommon for us students who rise to the challenge to be offered a continuing position after their initial supervised industrial training period. Alternatively, an efficient OJT program furthermore benefits the companies who accommodate trainees. Initially OJT or intern offer further manpower for a slighter compensation than a regular member of staff. Majority of them are all dedicated to be trained so probabilities are high that they will cooperate. Managers can make use of this internship strategy as a scheme in recruiting new employees.

Given that the supervisor can keep an eye on the trainees’ development, he/she can determine based on performance, actions and approach if the trainee will make an excellent recruit after the completion of his internship. In Addition, OJT’s are capable to convey bright fact into the group. Known the chance to verbalize their mind liberally and with no apprehension, they perhaps able to contribute substantially in suggestion gathering or research and sooner or later help develop the company’s productivity.

At the same time as teaching the interns, supervisors are actually also training their member of staff to development of guiding the trainees broaden their persistence, widen teaching expertise and make them supplementary aware to the requirements and state of mind of the adolescent. The path of supervision as well explains them how to contribute what they know and be sympathetic to enquiry. For this reason, the internship additionally turns out to be an opportunity in training for the future managers of the company.

Obliging on SIT can exceptionally be beneficial not only to the trainees but also to the companies that endow with opportunities for this kind of learning. This is also why trainees should undergo their SIT seriously as it may turn out to be a dominant tool and perhaps even a basis of proposal as soon as they acquire that huge raise for being students to career professionals. But most important of all, it is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the actual worksite. SIT will generally be the primary method used for broadening trainee skills and increasing productivity.

It is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employee’s job – especially jobs that are relatively requires knowledge and skills to learn and the attitude and whole personality of the student to deal with his superiors, co-workers and subordinates. Morale, productivity, and professionalism will normally be high in those students that undergone SIT program. Thus, these acclimatized qualities will be used by the students to be successful in life. VNR Construction, a company where I’m assigned to learn and experience the construction/development process.

VNR Construction was registered with the Department of Trade and Industries in 1999. It is a company and Industry of Engineering and Architecture. Their main line of business is in building construction, labor supply, and steel fabrications. Their project range from private residential buildings to medium rise office towers. This is owned by ENGR. Nelson Remulla, a licensed Electrical Engineer. Company Vision is to have Professionalism on the system of delivering services, and provide quality, competitive price of every undertakings and to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to the clients.

VNR had established its name for its quality of work and excellent after sale service which gained for the company the confidence of its clients, likewise due to its flexible organization the company can offer competitive price for its services. Main Mission is to be known as one of the well systematic Construction Company in the field of Planning and Development, It will achieve only in compliance with its quality management system, dedication to their customer, service enhancement, and commitment to serve. II. Job performed in the Company May 21, 2012, it was the date when I first started my day as an OJT at VNR Construction.

It is a construction company which is sited at 4th floor VNR business center, Governor’s drive, Langkaan I, City of Dasmarinas Cavite. I was designated at the department called Purchasing Department. This department serves as the central purveyor of tools, equipments, and materials that is necessary to site. Furthermore, at this department, its major task is to hit upon good supplier which supplies good quality of materials at reasonable cost and need to deliver immediately to not have a delay in construction. It must not have delays to maintain the production stream smoothly and prevent waste of time and money.

On the first week of my training, I started my work as an assistant and an aid of Mr. John Paolo Modesto – Head of Purchasing Department. He first taught me the pace of purchasing department, rules and regulation, and what is the blend of coffee that my boss likes. I him help arranging company’s documents, photocopy of files, estimate, and answering phone calls. Being an assistant is bland; assuming that it was the only work that I will do for the rest of my OJT. On the second week of my training, it was an honor for me that Engineer has given me a chance to go along on tour with our client.

While we are on the trip, I saw how engineer deals with our client. As time goes by, I get used to be a purchaser. My supervisor was trained me to have good communication skills with our suppliers and visitor. He also trained me how to communicate with other supplier to do business with to lowest price possible we could get from them without sacrificing the quality of material we will purchase from them. It is also my task to encode in my database all the materials that have been delivered, to monitor the materials cost in each site. . It is also our task to do monetary report of all projects.

So that Engineer can visualize what is happening on every project. We tried our best to come up with 100% accuracy in our report. On the third week of my training, I feel I already worked just like a regular employee of the company. Starting on that time, I feel I was not an assistant or a helper any longer just like on my first day of OJT, but one of trusted personnel on the department. It was privilege to me that my supervisor has trusted to make material request form, purchase request form, purchase order form, transmittals, cash advance of workers, and endorsed me some of important files.

It is also an honor to me that the company teaches me how to handle subordinates appropriately. Sometimes I go along with the driver and helper to monitor their progress, to deliver the cash advance/payroll of the workers, to know the concerns of the site, and site inspection to examine the materials that has to be delivered. On the following week of my training, while I was assigned as a purchaser, the company transfer me in the construction department. At that time, I am very excited to work with site because since the first day of my OJT I wish that I would designate to site.

At the first day in the site everything is new, new environment, new task, and new supervisor. Furthermore, I struggled to adopt in my new department because from being a purchaser that I accustomed with, I now work as an assistant of Mr. Junmhar Reyes (one of the three professionals site supervisor of VNR). We are assigned in 3rd floor of VNR business center, 1 floor lower from our office, our task to renovate an existing call center and make it a world class piece.

I also have a hard time to fulfil all the responsibilities that was hand over to me like monitoring all the works of the worker to check if their work is followed according to plan and correct, making the daily accomplishment report and attendance of workers, and check our material balances. A month later, we were assigned in a new project in Devine Grace Medical Center located in Rosario, Cavite, again it is an existing 7th floor building but the 6th and 7th floor has no room partition because the said two floors is an extension so that the hospital can accommodate more patients.

This time it’s more challenging not only because it is far away from our office, not only the site is much larger than our previous project, but because of we have to impressed and show the board how passionate, motivated, and world class output in our work. My supervisor, which is an expert in his field, taught me different techniques, approach, and all the things that he is knowledgeable with. Time came when my supervisor ask me to handle workers. That time is when I used what was taught to me by the company. Being an apprentice on that kind of department was really remarkable.

All the techniques that were shared to me will help me a lot for my future career. III. Experience Earned After finishing the required 640 hours of duty for the company, I had may lessons Learned. The ten guidelines for a successful result of work are: 1. Take Risks – Do not be afraid to take risks. Where is the fun in that? If you want something, go for it! Do not try and justify every action you make. Sometimes, all you have to do is to take that big leap! We usually allow ourselves to settle at what is safe and secure and yet we end up wondering at all the “what if’s? and “what could have been’s?

This is more logical than waiting for opportunity to knock on your door – which may or may never come. 3. Have a Plan – Always have a plan. This is the best way to stay on track with your goals. Set a milestone which will provide as your visual in what you are working for, what you have successfully achieved, and what you need to do better. 4. Stay Motivated – When you’re too busy getting what you want you also exhausts all your energies with it and this becomes critical because this is usually the reason why we lose the battle.

Half-way through, we get tired and lose the desire to go on. It is important to stay motivated. Remind yourself with the reasons as to why you are working hard. Read motivational quotes and articles. Assure yourself that every effort exerted will eventually pay-off in the long run. 5. Be Patient – Always remember that attaining goals almost always takes time. Be kind to yourself and the people around you because everything is actually a process in working your way up the ladder each day. 8. Reward yourself – As you surpass every milestone try and treat yourself for a job well done. 7.

Do not Stop Learning – You may feel that you have already become an expert in your field when you’ve been working on it for so long. But this shouldn’t be the reason why you should stop learning. Keep innovating! New ideas and new ventures help keep the fire burning! 8. Learn to Delegate – When you are getting close to your goals you will find out that there are many more things to do than hours in the day. Find someone to help take some of your load so you can focus on things that need your full attention. 9. Raise your Standards – Always learn to “Step-up! ” Increase your standard and strive for more!

Not only with your accomplishments but also with your trials and your failures. It will keep you humble, which in turn, will help you continue striving for success. Training inside the company the company is a learning experience each day. I learned how to appreciate the lessons studied in school. I was able to realize the important principles, theories, and concepts that were discussed inside the classroom. And also I understand that everything that was thought inside the school especially in our laboratory shops class can be a tool that can be used in future career.

Like me as an Architecture Technology student, how can I understand and read a whole plan if I don’t know anything about the basic of architecture. Second, how can I use the Autocad and Google Sketch Up if I haven’t experience them using in school. Lastly, How can I give proper reports if no has tried to teach how to use all the Microsoft office programs. No doubt, my school Technological University of the Philippines – Cavite Campus teaches me to the career I’ve chose. There once told me that the knowledge we learn for our school is only 10% of what we must learn and the 90% is learn in actual job.

And that’s what VNR Construction do; it fulfills all the remaining 90%. As I was working as a trainee at VNR construction, I learned to become a hard-working person. Time to complete the output product is not important, but the quality. I also learned to follow the instructions as what the superior’s said and to accept opinion that they suggested. The training served as the stepping stone to me to the real life of an architect. It served as the beginning the real life of being an employee. I realized that learning is a lifetime commitment that is continues even you already have a job. The training gave me more initiative to my chosen career.

I was more encouraged to pursue the Architecture Technology course. The training inspired me to enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of architecture technology. I was given some ideas what could be the feeling or situation being an employee. The training enriched my individuality as a beginner and created the foundation of being a good worker. The best thing that I have gained inside the company was the good orientation of the person having the higher positions. As Architecture Technology student, the OJT made me realize the importance of the course that I am taking. It made me realize the essential role of a architect in a company.

An architect can take the work of electrical and civil engineering, but, no other course can takes place the work architect in a company. To be a competent one, not only an architect must understand what he/she is drawing with, the process and the underlying principles but also be knowledgeable in the field of construction. An architect must also possess good communication and leadership skill. The students have undergone a good training. The task given to me was an application of my shop subject of my course. The design of the project has a great in connection to the subjects.

The anthropometry deals with the study of human dimensions were exactly related to what was discussed inside the classroom. I was technically given actual problems that have a main concern with the architecture technology subjects. The nature of the career course was the main focus of the training. This training will be useful if the nature of their training have the major concern for their chosen career. The trainees would able to use the experiences they have gone through during the training whenever they are already in the field of specialization. At the school, being late is better than absent.

But as what I have learned at VNR Construction, being absent is better than being late. Being absent can be a cause of emergency situations like sickness, unpredicted travels and phenomena, while, being late is a cause of misbehaviour and unable to manage the time. I was training at VNR Construction for almost four months, I observed the daily activities and practices that the workers inside the company, as well as rules and regulation that all workers and employees must comply with. I easily observed that all workers inside the construction site must wear their proper uniform during working hours.

Even the sweepers who clean the yard must wear complete uniform. Any workers who will notice without in their proper PPE will be given a punishment which may result in lay off the worker out of the company; reminding everyone that those people were violators. Safety inside the company was really strict. Another thing that I observed was the rules and regulation that the company initiated. Before entering the construction site at taguig, regular frisking and baggage inspections were conducted. Car and Delivery truck without gate pass cannot enter inside site except for the visitors. Trainees are not included as a visitor.

Another was the NO smoking, sleeping and by standing rule. Any violators who will be caught will fine an amount of one thousand pesos. Gadgets like mobile phones and portable mp3 players are not allowed during working hours. Requests like emergency calls are accepted making sure that the call was important and entertain able. During my training at VNR Construction, I learned to interact with other people. We know that people have different characteristics and attitudes; however, making friends with the trainee’s co-workers doesn’t make difficult. Even though I was only a trainee, they don’t treat me like others.

And as a trainee, I don’t feel uncomfortable as I worked with them. From the interaction I made with them, and later I learned to work with patience. Although thoroughly working on something was time consuming, the quality of the output product is the most important. I also learned from my co-worker’s experiences and mistakes and apply them whenever he needed it. They also encouraged me to go on with my studies until I become a professional. Although I worked and interact with them for a short period of time, I learned a lot to them; the skills and techniques that they shared with me that cannot be find on the books.

IV. Problem met while on training Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. While on my training I think no problem has aroused. Our coordinator has visited us in our company to monitor our progress, as they have said in the first day of OJT orientation. I’ve experienced a lot of problems during the first initial weeks of my training, this problems aroused due to the lack of background knowledge about the industry.

During the first few initial weeks I was working so slowly, I had problems adjusting to the work environment, that my supervisor got irritated at me and complained about my work etiquette, I explained my side and I gradually got things fix. Yes, I have to admit I did screw up during my training, I broke this and damaged that, but in the end I learned from my mistakes. I remember what the Manager used to tell me, “That’s why you’re here, to learn. ” And I’m proud to say that I didn’t make the same mistake twice. V. Suggestions and Recommendations

The company created a good service to their clients and gave the best training for the students. The students must have a good company that would give them a good training ground and would enhance their knowledge and capabilities. The school must have the good coordination for some companies that offer an annual On the Job Training inside their company. The school should provide more budgets given to the OJT coordinators to have the best monitoring of the training the students are taking. One of the best ways of training is the provincial trainings that would give different experiences to the trainees.

An out of town training would give more self esteem to the students. The evening students have their training at 4th year and first semester of the year. It is more efficient if they will take it 4th year of their last semester. In some cases having their training during the first semester of their 4th year of school would sometimes affect the rhythm of their schooling because in evening students OJT have their preferred pre-requisite subjects that once not taken would give a big effect to the arrangement of the student’s subjects.

Instead of the regular schedule of years of studying, once being affected by the pre-requisite subjects, the students would waste some of the time spending for the subjects affected by the OJT.

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