On the Road

4 April 2015
An analysis of Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road.

The paper discusses the core theme and purpose of Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the Road” which was published in 1957. The novel is essentially about the author’s trips to various parts of the country in search of wisdom and truth. This paper focuses on the actual purpose of the journey and finds out if the writer was finally able to reach his destination or not. The paper also discusses the Beat generation briefly and explains why it was difficult for people to understand the theme of the novel when it first appeared in 1950s.
On the Road is one of the most widely read books that emerged out of the Beat generation of the 1950s. To understand On the Road better, it is important to delve deeper in the society and culture of the time when Americans were increasingly looking for an alternative lifestyle and in their quest for something unique and different, they experimented with everything that appeared wild and adventurous. Jack Kerouac was one important beats icon and in his book, he has essentially talked about the journey that took him to different parts of the country. The author has not discussed this journey as simply a vacation trip; there is something intensely deep and meaningful in his travel chronicles. He was not precisely interested in visiting various parts of the country but his journey actually reflects a disturbed soul and mind looking for some stability in unpredictable and uncertain times.
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