On Writing.

Take a headlong dive into a subconscious and pull out the inner-workings of the universe. Take a stroll through working chambers pumping blood at a thousand beats per second, each passing year threatening to wear out. Whether one uses the colloquial phrase of life passing “in the blink of an eye” or “as soon as we’re born we die,” the memo always plays the same tune. It is inevitable with the exception of Walt Disney and impossible to slow down unless one takes spontaneous vacations throughout the year where they get sculpted, lifted, and reacquainted with collagen. And when it is time to croak, kick the bucket, or see the light, where do the memories go? Stored away in photo-albums and future generation’s recollections, begging to be just one more branch on the family tree? Unless my name is plastered somewhere consequential and significant or my wax replica resides in London’s Madame Tussaudes, I am certainly not leaving it up to chance the impact of my life’s contributions to oral tradition. Certainly milestones are important, such as the mental development and self-awareness one experiences through relationships with parents, siblings, friends, spouses, and children. But even then a critical piece is still missing: the idea of immortality.
Those that drink from the Fountain of Youth, vampires, and the Gods of Olympus posses the power to snicker upon us mere mortals with our concept of time. Cave drawings, hieroglyphics, and all derivatives of Latin attempt to bridge the gap of our lack of comprehension in our perceived environment. We attempt to order the pieces through compartmentalization such as religion, politics, and hierarchical societies where isms are frequent and laws are accepted by the masses as the norm. However, within these barriers exists loopholes, ways to overcome the stigma, have the ability to raise questions, and to criticize society for its nativity.
Naturally, I want to be informed of this grand parody and thus a part of the race against time, a competition against ourselves. In doing so, I will be able to record events, mold them into something of my liking, and create a product that will be enjoyed throughout the ages, appreciated and dissected, becoming one more layer in the sediment of the larger story. Universal emotions and experiences become concrete when written, the consequence of the evolutionary advantage of communication. And in some ways the underlying messages between the lines are in their own way immortal. They are embedded into the history and mind of the human race. They stretch beyond physics and all things logical and comprehensive in the realm of understanding and reason. These words hold the greatest power on planet Earth. For this reason, I want to be a writer.

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