One and Done

6 June 2017

Many players couldn’t handle the big leap from going to the prom, to making millions of dollars and competing at a very high level. Eventually the NBA made a rule that all high school graduates had to be at least one year removed from high school and at least nineteen years of age. With this new rule, athletes started going to college for only one year before participating in the NBA draft. This is what sparked the rule as we know it today as the “One and Done” rule.

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This rule has hurt college basketball and made a mockery of college education as we sed to know it, but if we were to change this rule, it would greatly help these young athletes. The “One and Done” rule has hurt college basketball in many ways. With players not being able to leave high school straight for the NBA, many athletes are going to school Just for one year then leaving. This hurts the coaches every year because they are constantly losing young players every year and not having a chance to develop them or the team. You could make the case that if it such a burden for coaches then why don’t they stop recruiting them?

Well, some of these one-year athletes are so ood that sometimes the only way to win is by recruiting them. If they were to change the rule this would significantly help limit the amount of players who would leave early for the draft because all of the athletes who are good enough to play at the NBA level would already be there. A new rule that should be put in place is that once entering college, it is mandatory that all athletes must have completed at least three years of college before declaring for the draft. This rule has proven to work in other leagues including the NFL and the MLB.

If it is proven to work in other leagues, why can’t the NBA adopt this rule? Not only is the one and done rule hurting college basketball, but it is making a mockery of the college system. With only going to school for one year not much emphasis is put on scholastics for these athletes. According to Stewart Carlin of the “House of Blogs”, “Since college basketball is the only 2 semester sport on the college calendar, you may not realize that a player can go to class for the first semester, get passing grades and become eligible to play for the 2nd semester, and then NEVER go o class in the 2nd semester. With these athletes only having to go to college for one semester, it really gives them a poor perspective of what college really is. What are but there is more to life then basketball and when the time comes, these athletes will have nothing to fall back on. These young men are supposed to be student-athletes, student coming first, not athlete-students. If we were to eliminate this rule, and implant a new one that made athletes stay for at least three years, this would greatly benefit these young men. This rule would enefit many players because it would give them a great way to ensure their future.

They would get their education paid for and they would have a back up plan if the NBA didn’t work out for them. This rule would also help them to mature and become more team oriented basketball players. Many athletes coming straight out of high school have very selfish demeanors because they have never been apart of a real team. This would also give these athletes time to mature physically as well. There have been many athletes who have struggled in the NBA because they tried to make he leap too early before their bodies had time to develop. Overall this rule would help these athletes in all aspects.

I understand that there are always exceptions to the rule (‘g. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, etc. ), players who have all successfully played in the NBA coming straight out of high school, but for every one of those players there is a hundred more who get hurt by this rule. Are these rare players really worth ruining the hundreds of other great players that could have been great if someone would have made them attend college? At least if they didn’t urn out to be great players, they would at least have an education to put them ahead in life.

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