One Day

5 May 2019

I am a brave young women who knows what it feels like to be afraid. I have been afraid of a lot of fears, for example: heights, presenting to a large group, choking, the dentist murdering me somehow, my parents fighting while intoxicated, embarrassing myself somehow in the public, and never being successful . I am also brave. I have beaten most of the odds or fears that I deal with in my daily life. I have received shots, went on a rollercoaster (which I will never do ever again), lost someone I loved, presented to a large group of people, got my wisdom teeth cut out of my mouth (the laughing gas did not help the pain Mr. So Called Doctor), and awkwardly fell in public. Many teens my age are scared of the future. Some want to stay in there home town or stay in high school, because they are afraid of taking the next step.

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Well, I am not. To control my fears , I tell myself what my grandfather always says to my family “This time shall pass.” I am not going to be in the dentist’s office forever or taking math forever. Everything, and everyone moves on. My future is bright, and I will make sure I reach my goals.

I always foresee what I want my future to be. It is a strategy I use to help me get through high school and bad times.I see myself as a mature adult. I picture myself going to college in a city environment. I live in a dorm with my roommate who I get along with. I’m studying abroad in England or France. I am not yet fluent in French, but I can speak the language really well. I am majoring in creative writing and taking women’s study classes and poetry. I also have joined the French club, and an art club. I have made new friends who have similar passions and goals.I get along with my professors, and classmates.In the future, I’m sharing my writing with other people by doing poetry slam and presenting in my creative writing class.

In high school, I haven’t been able to explore my passions as much as I would like. I have learned a lot about myself as a person, but college will help me shape my identity, more.I’ll be able to meet new people with different backgrounds, and make connections. I can follow my passions, but also be exposed to more things and expand my interests.I will become a writer or author, one day soon. I will go on book tours and talk with people who read my books. I will be able to share opinions and experiences with other people. I already have written novels and plays I want to finish. I hope in college I will improve in my writing skills andfinish my books. If I work hard, and never stop trying to reach for the stars, I know I will thrive and succeed.

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