One Good Turn Deserves Another

9 September 2016

There was a slave in ancient Carthage. His master was very cruel. He used to beat him severely over trifles. The slave was tired of this life. He ran away into a jungle nearby and hid himself in a cave. Very soon a lion entered the cave. The slave was terrified. He, however, soon saw that the lion was groaning with pain. The slave went near the lion to see what the matter was. The lion held up his wounded paw. The slave saw a big thorn stuck in the paw.

He pulled out the thorn. The lion in gratefulness began to lick his hand. They became friends and lived happily. After sometime the slave went to Carthage. His master saw him and caught him. According to the custom prevailing there, the slave was ordered to face the hungry lion. It was soon announced that a slave would fight a hungry lion. Thousands of people went to the arena to see this fight. A hungry lion was soon let loose.

To the surprise of everyone the lion began to lick the feet of the slave. The governor who was present to watch the show was also surprised. He sent for the slave and asked why the hungry lion had not cared to attack him. The slave was in tears. He said that the lion was his friend in the jungle and they had lived together in the same cave. The Governor was pleased to hear his story. He set the slave free and gave him the lion as a reward. Moral: One good turn deserves another

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