One Man, Many Influences

4 April 2015
Focuses on how various characters in Bai Hua’s Remote Country of Women influenced Liang Rui, the main character.

This paper focuses on Liang Rui’s relationships, and how he changed due to them. The people focused on are Gui Renzhong, Yunqian, and Sunamei, and their various effects on Liang are analyzed, such as how they helped him grow emotionally and psychologically.
“One of the most intriguing features of a novel is following how the characters mature throughout the tale. In Bai Hua’s The Remote Country of Women the progression of Liang Rui gave the book depth, and brought an aspect with which the reader could relate. However, Liang’s journey through life was not a solitary one, and there were several people he encountered along the way that affected his future course, and also his thought processes. In order to understand Liang Rui, it is necessary to discover how his life is affected by Mao Zhedong, Gui Renzhong, Yunqian, and Sunamei.”
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