One Man’s War

4 April 2015
Examines 1990 TV docudrama’s portrayal of life, politics, ethics, law, human rights under dictatorship in Paraguay.

The film One Man’s War, produced for Home Box Office and directed by Sergio Toledo in 1990, is an example of the television docudrama, a drama based on real events and purporting to show those events in a dramatic but truthful fashion. The film raises a number of ethical issues related to its story of Dr. Joel Filartiga, member of a prominent family in Paraguay and a doctor who ran a free health clinic in that country during the dictatorship of General Stroessner. The story told in this film raises a host of ethical questions and issues related to different characters and to the social situation itself. The film does not address all of these issues in depth, and indeed many of them are more implied than examined.

The film also raises the issue of making ethical judgments about a different culture, because at some point ethics become..

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