One Night Bland/Almost Sentimental by Ted McCloskey and the HiFi's

You probably haven’t heard of Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s. I hadn’t until Saturday December 10, 2011. My family and I were planning to go to a local restaurant that also had live music. We got there and enjoyed a good meal, but the whole time I was itching for the music to start. I love rock music and that was what I was about to hear. I loved the band instantly. All the songs were great. After the band finished their first set, I immediately bought two of their albums.
The Albums were One Night Bland, which features a mixture of Ted’s new song and remixes of his old songs and Ted’s latest album Almost Sentimental; which has fifteen of his latest songs. Every song is amazing, and they are all Ted’s own songs-no covers. They play Indie rock and it’s the kind of thing that you can listen to again and again without getting tired of it. You can hear strains of classic rock, alternative rock and blues influences in his songs, but you can also hear his own unique style. Ted uses his guitars (acoustic and electric) to create dynamic, rhythmic patterns, and if you want proof, listen to the song Swimming Again on One Night Bland. Swimming Again is one of their best songs. The song uses a simple guitar riff that immediately hooks you. This is the kind of song that makes you want to tap your foot, bob your head, or even dance to the beat.
One of the best songs on Almost Sentimental is the song Feeling kind of Ruff. You can hear what Ted was feeling in this song. His lyrics suggest sadness, but the song still has an energetic feel. In all his other songs, Ted plays awesome guitar solos. Ted uses blues undertones in these solos that really adds character to the songs.
The Hi-Fi’s make Ted’s already awesome music even better. Daryl Branford’s steady drum work is the glue that hold the songs together. Dominick Swentosky uses his guitar and sax to add an exciting, bluesy touch to the songs, while Rene Witzke’s solid bass lines add interest to Ted’s music. Molly Countermine’s vocals and piano give Ted’s music a softer finishing touch. The music isn’t sparse or overly complicated; it’s in the perfect middle. I recommend Ted McCloskey and HiFi’s to anyone who likes good rock and roll. Ted isn’t very famous or anything; he’s just doing what he loves (and what he does is pretty awesome). I can’t wait till the next time that I’ll get to see Ted McCloskey, a real rock n’ rolla!

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