One of a Kind by G-Dragon

11 November 2018

G-Dragon- One of a Kind
If you’re tired of not hype music that don’t fit you, you should try the solo effort of the international artist G-Dragon. “One of a kind” is a hip-hop and rap kind of music. It’s a kind of music that will hype you up to make you dance with the song. The song is interesting even you don’t know the language of the song. I love the part in the lyric he said (“Yes sir, I’m one of a kind”) it will make you feel upbeat and do what you do.
G-Dragon, who wrote and produce this song, this song length was organize by Choice37. With this song, G-Dragon also has express who he is as an artist and he shows making music you have to be you.
The first single, “Heartbreaker,” release in 2009. Produced by G-Dragon and Jimmy Thornfelt, it was the amazing debut of G-Dragon as a solo.

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This song wasn’t as good as “One of a kind” because G-Dragon put more of who he is in the song than “Heartbreaker” and it is more upbeat song for people who like loud and exciting.
G-Dragon is an amazing artist, who writes his on music and produce it to. I can’t wait to see what’s next in his journey of becoming a sensation throughout the world.

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