One Rock Is the Raw Material for Another

10 October 2016

Crystallization is when magma cools off; crystallization is also the formation of an igneous rock. This occurs in multiple ways, one is being under the earth’s surface or after an eruption on the surface. A number of weathering elements are exposed to this newly formed rock. The rock will be deteriorated by these weathering elements, turning them into sediments. This is where the water cycle comes into to play, it often carries sediment down the watershed into any number of basins: deserts, swamps, the ocean, or riverbeds.

Eventually, there is many of layers of sediment that bury it. Lithification, conversion into rock, is resulted from the pressures of sediment above, forcing sediment to solidify. It is porous and loosely fitting until water comes and fills the pores with binding minerals. Its inevitable that eventually sedimentary rock will be involved in seismic activity or go back into the magma flow where it becomes part of the whole system again.

This phase of rock is called metamorphic rock. Due to heat or pressure solid properties of the metamorphic rock has been lost. Many times over again through a period of time a rock may be formed, eroded, melted, and formed. So that rock skipped at the lake, has been through the phases of the rock cycle over and over again. Coming to show, “one rock is the raw material for another”, it is much like matter one could say, because matter cannot be created or destroyed

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