State which has Illegalized prostitution In all states except Nevada, In comparison with other contries that pro-legalization such as Denmark, Netherland, and France. Apparently, the criminal rates of united States top the lists, five times higher than above countries’ rates on in US contrasted with 0. 001% in Denmark, Netherland, and France] and three times higher on rape[O. 032% in US over 0. 009% in the rest countries]. Beside violent crimes, trafficking is also one of the Interested issues related to prostitution and legalizing may diminish this crime rate. As

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Worldwide Health Organization Regional office for the Western Pacific(2001 July) investigated that owing to the restricted law on prostitution[criminalizing lawes and policies], trafficking and illegal migrantion increased with the underground economic activities. Cockayne (2001) revealled the campaige against trafficking in Sweden at the end of the 1990s “In Sweden the demand for sexual services was attacked by criminalising the buyers, It was noted that the numbers of clients attending support the demand for sexual services, government can control the mlgrantlon and reduce he supply of sex worker by trafficking.

Another distinct benefit of decriminal prostitution is the positive affects of it to the society, over tax revenue and social health. For example in Thailand, legalized prostitution contributed estimated 4. 3 billions dollar per year, or on a par with three percents of Thailand’s economy (Somswasdl,2004). Whilst United States have to spent large amounts of money on arresting and Judging “Justice departments have to process these people[prostltutes] through very expensive systems” which brings to no efficience (Liberator,2005).

One f the remarkable thing when mentioning of legalized prostitution advantages is the social health improvement. Table 2 from Liberator’s research pointed out that legal prostitutes cause no harm to the social health but also bring out the positive result on preventing HIWAIDS spread. Obviously see the dfference on United States and Denmark, Netherland and Isarel where sex work Is legal, over 1000 American, there in Netherland is 0. 9%0. “In Israel, where prostitution is legal, they suffer from nearly an eighth of the U. S. ‘s number” he avered. Another example fromArmed Forces

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Reasearch Institute of Medical Sciences, Thailand(1996) conducted surveys to show the link between legalizing prostitution and the decrease on Sexual Tranmitted Inflection(STl). The studies demonstrated that from 1989 with 250 thounsand cases of ST’, it dropped 5 times, to only 50 thousand cases in 1994. “Prostitution is anextreme form of gender discrimination. Legalization of this violence to women restricts women’s freedom and citizenship rights. If women are allowed to become a legitimate commodity, they are consigned to a second-class citizenship. Democracy is subverted” declared Donna Hughes.

A large amount of con-prostitution share the above idea with Hughes. Somswasdi (2004) argued that “The so-called “choices” prostituted women make are rather survival strategies”, they were pushed in this situation because of “gender power relations, economic, and social classes, misinformation or family obligations”. But also according to the World Health Organization Regional office for the Western Pacific (2001 July), in fact, the acception of sex work in economy provided women who have low education or hopeless life’s bases to have the surpass income than any Jobs.

The WHO’s study also found that: Many people are selling sex because of relative deprivation rather than absolute poverty. An undocumented number of young women from Asia’s middle classes are now selling sex – often on a part time basis – to supplement salaries or to provide extra money while they are in education. Furthermore, legalizing prostitution allow government and organizations to help sex worker. Some feminist may also debated that prostitutes are compelled and obliged by pimps, traffickers or owners, and by making prostitution legal, women are trapped on this work conditions.

But as maintained by Cockayne (2001) in Netherland for example “This legalised status allows prostitutes to have access to the social security system. Nevertheless, pimping and facilitating prostitution are illegal”. Having the same opinion with Cockayne, the EUROPAP(1999) stated that legalised prostitutes are allowed to attain the civil’s rights and social benefit such as healthcare and better work condition. As stated on Liberator’s article (2005) “Encounters can happen within controlled environments that bring about safety for both the customers and the prostitutes”.

He declared that when prostitution is accepted as a legal Job, prostitutes or sex workers can be able to reach the healthcare. “For sex work to be considered as work, so that standard labour laws can ba applied to protect them from abuse and exploitation” the Lancet concured idea. In conclusion, prostitution appears every where, from europe to asia, in developing and even developed countries. Legalizing prostitution result in many significant advantages. This can decrease related criminal rates such as violent crime which against community and sex worker, or criminal on trafficking.

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