One Simple Walk

11 November 2018

All it took was a simple walk and my decision was made. It was another cold October weekend, another walk, another talk with Papa Jack. As we walk, I look at the ground making sure none of the sidewalk cracks get stepped on while the cold October wind howls through my ears. Then, the world stops—the once howling winds are now negated.

“So you thinking about college yet, Charlie?” Papa Jack mutters.

Thinking back… I wasn’t but I half-heartedly said “Yes.” I thought I’m eight; I should be worrying about playing football and video games with my friends, not college! …But he was right. He was always right.

The next word that came out his mouth was “Madison.” Before he said more, the walk concluded…finally. I lay in bed that night—I couldn’t sleep. I thought about what Papa Jack said.

The thought of me imminently growing up became more of a reality than a figment of my imagination.

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I am now seventeen and I lie here on the same bed. I think about that eventful walk with Papa Jack nine years ago on that cold October day—it hasn’t escaped my mind. But, Papa Jack’s words of wisdom weren’t the only reason I want to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have many options on what I can study but Law is what I want to do. The day my brother graduated from law school, I became hooked to the study of law and have been churning to advance my studies. There are many incentives of being a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, including studying abroad and public interest work. These alone would help me gain experience for my field of study and for myself as a person. Outside of school, I show my stride on the tennis courts and have done so since my freshmen year. Like my family, I want to succeed… and it starts with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

It’s another cold October day and another walk down the same path. Nine years have passed and now it’s my graduation. Not from high school, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As I look, he was right. He was always right. And now this time, beside me is my nephew and I ask him, “So you thinking about college yet?”

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