One-to-One Marketing

4 April 2015
A definition of one-to-one marketing and how it has changed consumer marketing.

The paper defines one-to-one marketing as operating on the premise that consumers want more, not only do they want more, they want it now. It shows how one to one marketing offers consumer’s unlimited choice, personalization and customization, oftentimes from the privacy of the customer’s home. One-to-one marketing has revolutionized the way firms do business, as a world of opportunity has been unveiled. This paper will discuss how such technologies have changed consumer marketing. It shows how the Internet, customer relationship management and related technologies have allowed both the consumer and the marketing executive to satisfy their objectives.
“The Internet has the capability of reaching over a billion people from all around the world. The Internet is never closed, as it allows the busy working mother to purchase a new desktop for her business, it allows the college co-ed to send his mother balloons for her birthday, it allows a concerned grandparent to find information on dysgraphia because her grandson was recently diagnosed with the disorder. For businesses, this means an increase in exposure and profits, as the Internet has become a way to streamline costs as well as market to particular groups of people. The Internet is an unlimited gateway to potential customers, as technology advances, the World Wide Web will allow firms to accomplish more than ever. A limitation of the Internet lies in the same properties that render it so attractive to businesses. A business cannot just put up a website and expect to see the customers and the cash come pouring in. A website is not a storefront in that people cannot just drive by and see it, no one just drops on in, if not referred by another site, web banner or search engine.”
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